The Advantage

Imagine being born into a group of people that were considered the majority. Living everyday life as a non threat but of the purest race.  Being given opportunity because of the color of your skin.  Born into wealth because your ancestors were slave masters many generations ago.  In most work and academic settings, most of your peers look and speak like you so are always in a comfort zone. You don;t fear the police because your not a threat to your society or community although your a stranger and no one knows you personally.  Your , white, so we will give you the benefit of the doubt right? Your Life Matters. I call this the White Advantage.  


Let’s make this clear, as a black woman, I wouldn’t trade being any other race in the world, even with the cultural setbacks and unfair acts placed upon the African american community, and other minorities. I wouldn’t give up the soul food, beautiful various skin complexions, artistic nature, melodic soulful music and the strength we embody as a race. It fantastic to see the strength we have as people.  Yes there are those folks that still carry the slave mentality placed upon us many decades ago such as black on black crime, crabs in a barrels mentality and self hate that some of us hold onto, and is passed down. I find that black folks get stuck in this “I cant do better” mentality and instead of working together and bringing back into the community, its a fight to keep someone from getting ahead because of self doubt and fear. I truly believe these mental chains come from slavery.  


The reason for calling the post “The White advantage is because when you have not been exposed to self hate, racism, poverty, your mind is protected and you walk around with a sense of arrogance because you feel above and privileged.  To live in a society knowing that you were born with these opportunities give you a advantage.  I am now starting to see fear in the white communities because African american and other minorities are blending cultures.  The millennial have one of the largest mixed populations than ever before which can cause less of the white culture to be pure. I am sure those Trump supporters are shaking there heads with disgust, but hey times are changing.

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11 thoughts on “The Advantage”

  1. I think there is increasing awareness amongst open-minded white people about the existence of white privilege. It’s a concept that I had never heard of growing up, and it’s easy to take for granted something you haven’t yet been given a framework to recognize.

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    1. Yes! Thanks for commenting Ashley 🙂 The main thing is to knowledge and be aware. Sometimes that means more than anything. Yes I do agree that there is an increase in awareness especially in the younger population.

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  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing your perspective. White privilege or as you call it white advantage, is a real thing. One of the first pieces I wrote was about Whiteness and how white privilege was formed. After reading this I’d love to hear your thoughts about It

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  3. I agree you! I’m glad there’s more discussions about white privilege. I think that having more of a mixed population won’t eradicate racism as racism is interwoven into the fabrics of society. Brazil- a racially mixed country is an example that by simply mixing, racism won’t be eradicated

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      1. Of course, so the common consensus is they more biracial people will help to end racism. However whilst it’s progress, I don’t believe it can solve racism because racism is systemic. And In Brazil, white people still have tons amounts of privilege & darker skinned people have less. So even though it’s majority mixed, there’s clear inequalities that exist. Great post by the way x

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