Surprise Pregnancy? Fellas must read….

Fellas, I understand most of you all had a time in your life where you were intimate with a woman, and probably got caught up in the moment  without using protection,  Thus resulted in either a pregnancy scare or pregnancy.  This event is life changing for both you and the woman.  In most cases its very emotion for both, but much more for the woman who has to go through the decision of becoming a mother or aborting her child. This decision is hard because  for those women that wants to become mothers, its a hard decision to make especially if you are not in a committed relationship with the father. Well thereis a right way to handle the situation so that both parties can remain cordial while coming to conclusion about this life changing decision.

Here are some tips for the men below:

Listen. If she wants an abortion, she will bring it up. Don’t coax her. You risk coming across as a real sleaze. Alternatively, don’t preach against it—I don’t care if you’re a descendant of Joseph Smith himself.

Pay. Offer to help pay. Or pay entirely. (It’s $300 to $950.) It’s a nice gesture, since you’re not the one who will sport a giant maxi pad for a month. (Fun fact! Women can spot for weeks after an abortion.)

Go (if she wants you to). Chances are if you don’t know each other very well, she won’t want you there, but you should at least ask. And offer transportation.

Call. A day or two later. As my friend described her abortion, “It’s like eight minutes of the worst cramps of your life.” It’s only polite to check in.

Situation: You had a fling. Mistakes were made. She wants to keep the baby and, well, you don’t.

This blows hard. For everyone involved. And prompts your old-timey dad to be like, “Be a MAN,son!” Here’s the thing—it’s her decision. Reminder: Do not, under any circumstances, put undue pressure on her to get an abortion. The most important thing right now is to get on board with this truth: You’re going to have a baby. It will drastically change your life. Hers, too.

Hope this helps anyone who needs to hear this! Thanks for Reading!


2 thoughts on “Surprise Pregnancy? Fellas must read….”

  1. The English language can be funny. When winning land from a body of water, they REclaim it. So when did they own it before? Thinking of Cape Town’s Foreshore that was ocean until the 1930s.

    But FALLING pregnant doesn’t require height. And last time I checked, it didn’t look like falling.

    A sports injury instead?

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