Are we Living to Work?

This is an interesting topic and honestly, it depends on how you look at life, specifically your life and circumstances.  

The first question is Are we living to work? 

Without humans working daily to make the everyday function of life habitual we will be living like the Indians right?  There would be no buildings, fast food restaurants, houses,  daycare’s, schools, laundry facilities, car dealerships, grocery stores and I can keep going, the list goes on.  Who made these facilities?  Humans did.  So if we did not use our brains (which is one of the most powerful muscles) we would not live the standard of life that humans are living today.  Lets not get started with the advancements of technology.  Kids today will never know what its like to live with out IPADs, laptops or Tablets. So are we living to work?  Are we here to help keep technology going, making the earth a habital place?If we didnt use our minds to help make this world a liveable place would it still function? Before the advancements, life was able to be lived through eating food from the wild, building homes out of straw etc? We wouldn’t last a week living like that now.  Are we here to continually advance the quality of human life then die for the next generation to take over?

The flip side, are we Working to live?

In order to live a life as a soul on this place called earth we must work to survive right?  If we dont work and have income (money) to pay bills and provide food for our families, we wont last here in this lifetime long.  Many people have risked their lives for this green machine we cal MONEY. People result to prostitution, drug dealing, theft, robbery, killing, etc. just to get their hands on money to live. If you are blessed enough to get rich or have wealth life wont be so hard obtaining and living a lifestyle on earth that is deemed successful. But are they really happy?  What if you have wealth today and gone tomorrow? Couldn’t this take a toll and make you not want to live life having to function like a normal person with a 9-5 pm.  Average people if they are lucky, have a job and make enough income to feed and house their families, we have 65 soon to be 70 years to work if your lucky, and not get ill to where you have to depend on the government.If we all decided we were no longer going to go to work, and did what we wanted, without any regards to money, would we be able to survive on earth? Would we drive ourselves crazy without rules……  So which do you think it is?

Are we Living to Work or Working to Live? Maybe Both? Thank you for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Are we Living to Work?”

  1. This was very interesting and I’m sure a lot of people can understand your views. I sure do and have asked myself some of these very questions and made a few of these statements. Great post

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  2. Well written. I think often if I am living to work or I am born to just work. I think the advancement of technology and science have made our life complicated.

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