Where my Coffee lovers at???

Coffee coffee coffee! I swear it’s more addictive than cocaine! It’s the working class’s liquid drug! Do you know Starbucks is one of the leading investments when it comes to franchising? Why? People love coffee! It’s almost automatic to wake up and make yourself a cup of Joe, or first thing in the morning, put a pot of coffee on the burner when you get into the office, stroll with friends on the town with a stop at the nearest Coffee Bean or Starbucks! Now there are so many ways you can get it from latte to iced, and many different flavors. I will admit, my favorite so far is the White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks! I’m now starting to like iced coffee! Refreshing! For my coffee lovers….what’s your favorite coffee and where from?! Thanks for Reading!


6 thoughts on “Where my Coffee lovers at???”

  1. Cold brew coffees are definitely my fave! I like it from almost anywhere but I think Dunkin Donuts kinda sucks lately… There’s just not a lot of consistency with how their special drinks are made. Hazelnut tho, yum!

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