Suffering in Silence…..Infertility….

So many woman suffer from infertility but have to suffer in silence. Society places this clock on women to have kids in their twenty or early thirties. The millennial woman has other obligations such as school, career, saving money, student loans, and finding the right relationship. That’s a lot to juggle. In result women are marrying later and having children later in life. Late thirties and forties to be exact.

Society can put a lot of pressure on you if your a woman that is not married by a certain age or not with child. There are some women who make the choice to postpone children and there are others who have been trying but unable to get pregnant even with the help of IVF. It’s something that is not often shared with people when a woman is going through infertility. There are women who took years to get pregnant and when it finally happens people ask, what made you take so long? You having more? You better hurry up! You should give your husband a child or he may leave. Those things are hurtful to the woman who is suffering in silence from infertility. Ladies we should be respectful of someone’s choice to not have children because honestly we don’t know why. It could be deeper than what meets the eye. Encourage and support other women in their journey! Thank you for Reading!

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