Love vs. Lust

I remember before I got married, I though I knew what love was.  Its easy when your younger to think that the first boy you think is cute, talented and funny….he is it!  When your parents say things like “your young, your going to meet many people, give yourself time, don’t take dating too seriously at your age” you really don’t understand what they mean until your older, and have started to learn who you are in a relationship. That girl or guy you meet when your 16 years old seems life the perfect match because there is no responsibility involved. “Love” was easy and it felt good.  Realistically as you get older and realize what Love REALLY is, you realize that it was “puppy love.”  I dont want to say “lust” because I feel like “lust” is discovered when you get older and start exploring your sexuality. Its easy, especially as women to confuse LOVE for LUST.  It takes us “alot of the time” to get our heart broken by that “one” guy” to know it was lust and he doesn’t love us.  Once we go through that heartbreak, we try to be more careful not to fall into “lust” with the wrong guy. 

Being married and in a committed relationship has helped me see the difference between just being in a relationship, and actually LOVING someone.  When you “LOVE” someone for real, you care about their well-being just as much if not more than your own.  You are willing to make sacrifices, or put your personal “wants” aside to assist them on their life’s journey.  There are so many factors involved but LOVE is unselfish.  I look back on previous relationships and I was selfish, if it didn’t benefit me, I was not doing it, or I always had one foot out the door because I wasn’t certain or secure with that person.  This was like the two prior relationships I had in my 20’s.  Now being married, he is my best friend, we talk about everything, and I care about his life just as much as my own.  Its definitely takes time to learn the difference but its so important to do so.  I seen some great information’s below that explains more about this topic…feel free to share your experience, Thanks for Reading!



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4 thoughts on “Love vs. Lust”

  1. This was a really good read, thanks for touching on this topic and sharing your own experiences. I have only had one serious relationship, it was also my first, so I guess my experience is very limited, but I did want to share some thoughts if possible. I’m pretty sure being in my late 20’s I know the difference between love and lust, though sometimes I get caught out and don’t realise soon enough. I’m honestly looking for the kind of meaningful relationship you allude to in your writing, but I do wonder if it is just a case of “don’t rush, what until the right moment and you’ll find love.” or not, I only say that because I’m a bit impatient haha. Anyway thanks for reading my comment. 🙂

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    1. Yeah that’s the hard part of dating, to me it comes down to are you and that person both interested in each other the same way. Basically on the same page about dating. Also make sure if sex is involved both parties have an understanding if they are taking it to the next level or not. Many people run head first into gaining feelings for someone without getting to REALLy know if the situation is good for them. So I think the topic of Lust vs Love is very important especially in the days of online dating.

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      1. I totally get that, and it something I am always aware of in the back of my mind, I guess I haven’t met that lady yet. But I guess I still have time to see what happens in the future when I move abroad next year. Thanks for replying, I have a lot of your posts bookmarked which I’ll be commenting on over the next few days, so I hope you don’t become annoyed with my replies haha.

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