Bitter Baby Mamas

If its one thing I cant stand is a BITTER BABY MAMA.  I understand, especially being a woman, we have these emotions and they take over our better judgement at times.  This is what causes the problem. A baby mama in my opinion is a woman with a child that is not married or in a relationship with the father.  Bitter is when you are holding on to past emotions about a situation and have a hard time moving beyond those feelings. If you put both of these together, you have a BITTER BABY MAMA.


Most women look forward to one day starting a family, and having a child.  Most women want to get married first, and or be with the father before a child is born.  IN REAL LIFE unfortunately we have become accepting of single parent hood, and its now normal as going to sleep every night, that its dominant for most single women.  Although women do not like being in this situation, if the father is not with you, you have no choice if you decide to continue to bring a child in the world, or if you divorce and there are children involved.  Usually if you were married, your not considered a BABY MAMA, but an Ex Wife, so women tend not too be as bitter if he at least married you (from my findings). 


BITTER BABY MAMA’s find it hard to put their emotions aside for the betterment of the child because they are still holding onto what transpired with the father.  It can be years and a woman may not let the child see the father, or be around the fathers family, wife/ new girlfriend etc.  The child grows up not knowing whats going on, then is confused and has questions later in life because this was hidden or kept away from them.  It only hurts the child when two parents can get on the same accord.  Its selfish, and typically the mother holds the most control. Hurt runs deep, and can take over better judgement. I am not a baby mama, but know men who are dealing with this situation.  I can’t give advice because I am not in those shoes, but it really does hurt the child and not fair to them in the long run. I pray that all children can not go through parents that do not see what matters most. THE CHILD. Thank you for Reading! 

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9 thoughts on “Bitter Baby Mamas”

  1. I play a role as the father’s girlfriend. Let me just tell you it isn’t easy… I’ve always been open to meeting the mother of the child however feelings have never been mutual. We recently had a birthday party for Mason (turned 4) and that was a whole ordeal in itself. I guess it just takes time for the mother’s to realize that the stepmother is on the same team?? Mason and I are the best of friends and I love him as he were my own. I do wish that she knew that and kind of got to know me better before shutting me out.

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    1. Yes unfortunatly women have to come to a place where they can let go of those hurt feelings and realize you cant control a man with a child. Its not about YOU its about the child so in return, they are making a selfish decision. You have done nothing wrong. Its not your fight. All you can do is be supportive, move forward with your family with your boyfriend, and remain ready and receptive when she is open minded. A womans emotions are tough to deal with.

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  2. Agreed wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, there are also women among this group who became me pregnant for the sole purpose of using the child as a pawn. As a society we must do more to protect men and their relationship with their children, just as much as we try to protect mothers and theirs.

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  3. If your not in the situation you really can’t speak on it as you said. Well I’m a baby mom and this is my question. What about the baby moms that have to practically beg the father to spend time ? But he doesn’t want to because he has another family? Men can be the problem too. That’s my situation. And I give up trying it stresses me out!


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