Are They Really The One For You?!

Is there a such thing as finding “The One?” Does God have a person out there that is equally matched for you.  Someone that will help you become your BEST self and fulfill all life’s wonders.  When we are kids everything seems like a fairy-tale and works out for the best. Princesses find their prince and little boys grow up to be strong and resilient like Popeye. We soon learn as adults our path is not that straight and narrow but the beauty is that we wants to keep children believing this as long as possible, or do we?

I remember being single and there was a point in time that I was miserably tired of dating new people, and wanted to meet someone I can grow a family with.  I was ready ti focus on other aspects of my life besides dating. I wanted to learn from this persona and vice versus.  During the dating phase you go through so many transitions as a person that many times you are not sure who would be a good match until you experience them.  What I mean by “experience” is spend quality time, and really get to know their personality and out look on life to see if it matches yours.  Without doing this, it can make a road of life together added conflict.  On the flip side, what about meeting someone that makes you happy and although not perfect, you find they could be “The One?”

I think there are many “The Ones” depending on where you are at in your life. I say this because sometimes people come in our life for a reason, season, lesson or blessing.

Reason – We meet this person to achieve something God has planned for us in life such as a baby, job, encounter, marriage, goal etc. Something tangible that will change our life in some way. We had to meet this person by destiny to create a dramatic change in our lives.

Season – We meet this person during a time in our life that wont last long; often times to bring us to the next chapter in our life.  Not seasons literally but a season of change or growth, but they aren’t meant to stay significant in our lives.  There is no major reason for them to be there. Its not destined.

Lesson – We meet this person to learn something about ourselves that we need to change. We encounter this person in most times through a negative conflict or experience to help us to grow.  They either put us in an uncomfortable situation or allow us to take something away from them while they are in our lives. They usually are some of the most memorable people to us throughout our life but not meant to stay significant.

Blessing – These are people we meet that help us through a storm or teach us something valuable about ourselves.  They too change our lives but in most cases in a positive way. They are also memorable and typically there for a reason but in most cases positive. They too may not stay significant in our lives but are often memorable and valuable to us.

In summary, I do believe we meet many people in our lives that can make us happy but not meant to stay or become significant. Some people may never find “The One” but I believe its important to know what role someone plays in your spiritual life and treat them as such. Thank you For Reading!






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