Can You Really Be Born That Way?

Ladies and Gentleman we are now living in the age of freedom to be who you want to be. Regardless of who likes it, people can make their own choices about who they love. I recently read and article that they will be teaching children in school about LGBT and what it means.  If your not clear on what that stands for its, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender. Many places state that people who are homosexual were born this way.  They came into the world the wrong gender but have learned to live happily in their own skin, or have decided to go through a sex change to be who they wish.  They mention that they did not choose to be homosexual.  This is the cards they were dealt.

Some people believe that homosexual people were either exposed to something as an adult or child that made them most comfortable with the same sex.  They may have had a positive or negative encounter, but it was something that helped shape who they are. Its hard to say because everyone has their own experience. Can a baby really know, or even a child that they are gay? There are some small children that prefer to dress the opposite sex, but are they exposed to something in the household?  Lets use Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade for example. They took their eleven year old son to the Gay Pride parade after he came out that he was interested in the same sex.

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Is this normal behavior? What are your thoughts on homosexuality? Thank you for Reading!


23 thoughts on “Can You Really Be Born That Way?”

  1. I definitely didn’t choose to be straight and I believe that its not a choice. As children grow up they developed their own tastes and likes for things. Just like how I hate the taste of tuna yet my whole family loves it. I was brought up with it being served for dinner but my tastebuds can’t eat it. I find it gross. I think that’s an easy way to describe homosexuality towards children. We all have our own preferences.

    I think it’s important to teach children the differences between the LGBTQ+ community so they can understand them. It’s not going to change their own sexual preference to be informed. As long as it’s done in the right way and without negativity and prejudice.

    I think what Gabrielle Union did was amazing for her son. It showed love and support for him and acknowledgement that he has his own thoughts and feelings and that they are just as valid as a nine year old as they will be when he is an adult.

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        1. Yes we are definitely living in a age where people aren’t afraid to come out, and a way to show others that its safe and alright is to start in the schools. I cant say that I am all the way on board with it but like your perspective.

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    1. I agree with you. Most people are against it being taught in schools cos of the fear of it being sort of forced unto the children. But if teachers make it clear it’s for the purpose of education or knowledge than making it like everyone should be gay it shouldn’t change anything.

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  2. It’s an interesting topic indeed. The gay and bi people I knew didn’t reach their sexual awakening until they were in high school, post puberty. It was at this time they engaged in same sex relationships as many teens become sexually active post puberty, be they gay or straight. However, times are changing. I was a teen in the 90’s.
    I think children are exposed to sex too young nowadays personally, to the gay, trans and bi world. I don’t feel a kid even has the capacity to understand this. I would not want my nine year old expressing they were gay because that is too young. Emotionally, physically and scientifically I don’t think the brain is ready to know exactly who they are yet. They are children. Be a kid. Why rush sex, feelings and relationships at nine??
    Now if my teen told me they were gay or lesbian that is different. This is an age you are becoming a sexual being, interested in partners and your body is changing as well as your mind. You’re segueing into adulthood and sexuality and this is normal. As a Christian, I would pray about it and ask the Lord for guidance. I don’t feel your sexuality can go away or be prayed away, so I would ask for spiritual guidance. I do know I would always love, support and want my child to feel happy and loved, no matter who they were attracted to. I could never, ever desert them.

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    1. Yes great point Michelle. It is scary how soon and quick kids are exposed to sex. I hope and pray my daughter and stay as innocent as ling as possible. They learn so much about sexuality at school being around other children. Every family raises their child different and you cant shelter them forever.


  3. I think it’s wrong to encourage children to live deviant lifestyles. I call it child abuse. Children should not be exposed to any of this, but good luck with that in this gay agenda-pushing world. Children must be protected, not exposed even more! The sex-obsession in this world puts children at risk for molestation and confusion. I could say more and I know a lot about this topic, but that is my bottom line so I’ll leave it there.

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    1. Yes its crazy how children are being exposed in TV shows and cartoons now. Even advertising pushes views on them. We cant do much about it but either keep our kids hostages or educate them on it. Let them know the truth at home before they get curious in the outside world or wrong person. I just dont know.


  4. Personally, I don’t think one is born that way. That’s just my opinion. However, if that’s what one chooses to be–then fine. I thinks its pushed so much now because in the 80s and 90s it wasn’t and I feel like society is trying to make up for what they didn’t accept years ago.

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    1. Going off of what you said, instead of thinking of it being “pushed” onto society, I view it as being accepted within society, as opposed to hidden, as it was in the 80’s and 90’s. The only dilemma I have hinged on this topic is the fact that this focus gets tremendously more support than the constantly victimized African American person.

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      1. I like your point of view, it is being more accepted now. And I definitely agree with you on the fact that it’s more supported than those who are victimized. Great points.

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  5. In my opinion, yes, you can be born with an identity that isn’t forced upon by society. While society may, and will, play a factor, it doesn’t have to be, and many times isn’t, the deciding factor.

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  6. Thanks for the follow! I don’t believe anyone is born this way. I think it becomes a lifestyle for some people based off of their own experiences, curiosity, and comforts. How does a child that has never been with the opposite sex in a loving and supportive relationship just decide that it’s not for them? You don’t know if you’ve never tried. I also would prefer for my child to continue to learn about the LGBTQ lifestyle from his father and I. Each child has a different understanding level. It’s not just as simple as teaching a foreign language or math. It’s not out of fear that my child will somehow grow up gay, but I also don’t want him to believe that God made a mistake in his commandments for marriage and family (man and woman)

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  7. This is an interesting and very challenging topic – for folks on both sides.

    As a Christian woman, I do not believe that it is God’s intention for anyone to have sexual relationships with the same sex. The Bible is very clear that God considers this a sin. That said, I do not agree that there should be violence or hatred toward those who we disagree with. Jesus teaches that we are to share the Gospel in a loving manner, as he did. I believe that we should be able to disagree without being hateful.

    As a mother and grandmother, I completely disapprove of teaching this lifestyle in school. I don’t believe that a young child has enough knowledge of life to even understand what this means, let alone believe they were born the wrong gender. Educating children about sex and orientation is the responsibility of parents. I’ve heard of parents actually scheduling sex change operations for their young children, and I just can’t believe the medical community could even begin to think this is a good thing.

    It isn’t my place to judge another for their actions; I will pray for those who are struggling to find the right answer and that they turn to God for help making these important life decisions.

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    1. Thank you Lisa, you have a great point. Very true I believe GODs Will was not for us to have same sex marriages and relations. I feel the media and education system has made it so main stream that it’s pushed upon the children to know and learn about homosexuality.


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