Let’s Discuss……

Ladies, do you agree? Do you feel like dressing sexy on a regular basis or having a closet full of sexy clothes will attract only men who want to sleep with you?

First off, how a woman dresses gives no man the right to take advantage of a woman or disrespect. A woman has a right to chose how she dresses and carry herself. There have been that use the excuse of how a woman is dressed to disrespect or violate her. This is wrong in many ways.

I do believe as a woman we need to carry ourselves with respect and be mindful of how we present ourselves to the world when it comes to the way we dress. Yes this is true. I do agree that there is a chance you can attract more men that aren’t going to take you seriously and just want sex based on how your dressed. It’s sad but true. The men use there ways as an excuse then blame the woman why he is a jerk. Since ladies we know this let’s be mindful on how we present ourselves to the world, at the same time not let these jerks get away with thinking the disrespect is alright. Thanks for Reading!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss……”

  1. I think the key word here is “sexy” like I dress to feel beautiful in my own skin and to feel comfortable and confident. I dress to give myself a boost in my positive attitude and energy for the day. I’m not dressing to be sexy. Yes, women who are confident and comfortable in their own skin will be sexy to others (men and women alike) but it’s not the same as dressing to “be sexy”. If I’m going on a hot date I’ll dress “to be sexy” for my man. But that’s because i want to give those vibes. And then I get attention from both who I’m dressing for and from other men who think that since I’m dressed more provocatively, they have a chance lol. But my man also finds me sexy when I’m dressed in sweats because of how I carry myself.

    To me, it’s just that subtle difference. Hope that makes sense!

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