Oh This Thing We Call Marriage….

I can’t be 100% with this comment, but I can guarantee 90 % of women want to get married one day.  How do I know?  Well at some point we want to stop dating, sleeping with different men, and to start a family with ONE person.  We as woman want a purpose, and we get to a point where sewing our wild oats like a man gets really old, say in our late 20’s to mid 30’s. So thus when we find a potential candidate that wants the same things as us in a relationship we consider marriage and creating a family foundation. 

The reality is that although we WANT marriage at some point, it is WORK.  It is constant changing of feelings, opinions and financial factors.  These can alter how strong your relationship is over time.  That is why they say you must marry someone you have a connection/bond with because only this will get you through tough times.  Not sex, not money, not children.  The BOND. I would say the biggest factor that can get you through tough times is communication.  Without this, you basically are two zombies forced to deal with each other until someone reaches their breaking points. This sucks. Many women get to a point where they JUST want it because of their age or to have children, and will take any candidate that looks like he will give it to them especially as women get older.  This isn’t a bright idea because all you will be putting yourself through is misery and a jail sentence.  This you get divorced and now you wasted all your youthful years with the wrong man which will bring resentment.  This is the same for men, marrying the wrong woman will be a disaster in the long run, or short run. Then when kids get involved it really takes a turn for the worst if their is lack in communication, because they will pick up on this and act out.

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My point is, marriage is constant compromise and WORK so make sure to keep a close bond/communication open with your partner.  Below are some ways that can help this:



img_7962  img_7961

3 thoughts on “Oh This Thing We Call Marriage….”

  1. I’ll skip marriage in my opinion most men can’t get it together. so many lies betrayal and its always sex and women. so I think I fall in the 10percent range but I do agree about the work part and bond etc.. overall good post

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  2. Hubby and I will be married 28 years in August – trust and believe MARRIAGE IS A JOB and you both have to be willing to work hard because it won’t always be sunshine and roses, nor 50/50. Take it one day at a time and work on what works best for you two, not what works for others.

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    1. Yes thank you for the feedback! I been married two years so we are still considered newly weds and have a lot more to experience but yes just in two years I know it’s Work. Congrats on your 28 years!

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