Must Check This Website When Booking Flights First!

Where are my travelers at?! I am not sure how many of you know about Google Flights but it is the best search engine for price comparison across all airlines. What makes this website great is that it is powered by Google. It pulls an automatic search from all airline sights to give you the current and future rates of airline tickets for at least the next 6 months.  This allows you to compare and purchase the ticket you need with flexibility.

google-flights-guide-how-to-find-the-cheapest-flights (1)


Whats cool is that you can put in the dates you want to fly, and it will show you the rates for the next 3 months.  Every date will hold a price so you click the departure and arrival dates to get the final cost of your plane ticket.  It will suggest alternate flight times and days if needed to help give you cost options.  It will show flight times for that day to make it convenient if your flight dates are open.

The website is simple:


You can also see the price for other travel locations so you have a variety of places to choose.  This way, if there is a discount you can take advantage of purchasing tickets for future planning. Its a pretty cool tool, and I recommend checking out. Thank you for Reading!


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