Are You Comfortable?!

It’s funny how we make the most changes in our lives when we are uncomfortable. When we have a sense of unhappiness or uncertainty that often times pushes us into another direction. Typically this is to make us feel disgusted, worried or confused. When we feel this way, we want to change it by any means so we start pushing opposite of that feeling.

This feeling makes us uncomfortable to help create change and push us out of our comfort zone. When we get comfortable we tend to lose track of goals or things around us that are important. For example, maybe you been neglecting a partner and not spending the time with them that you use to, maybe you been at a job so long that you just come to work with no motivation to advance , another example is a bad habit that you need to kick such as smoking, eating for weight loss, procrastination, moving out, or anything else that has been prolonged. Typically that change came from an uncomfortable situation.

Don’t always look at it as a bad thing. Look at it as a new path or chapter in your life. Look back over the years and think about the last time you created a new chapter or change in your life, what made you finally make a move? Thanks for Reading!!!

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