Don’t Listen To Capitalism!

What Capitalism says is important:

  1. Thinking about image, celebrity, and all the things wrong with you.
  2. The lengthiness of your eyelashes.
  3. Size and name on label (but not how the garment was created or who it impacts).
  4. Money, Fame, Popularity, Image and Success.
  5. The perfect abs.
  6. Length of your hemline ( must be sexy enough to catch the male gaze and short enough to blame the woman for doing so.
  7. Legs. Must be long, lean and free of natural body hair.

(NOTE: Everything above has a dollar value)

What is Actually Important:

  1. Thinking about whats wrong with society and how I can fix a broken system (or rip it down).
  2. Laugh Lines.
  3. Speaking about things that matter. Saying “I love you” more.
  4. Dressing however the damn you feel.
  5. Love Family friendship community and service.
  6. Intuition and Courage.
  7. Art you can create. Words you can write. Trees you can plant. Hands you can hold.
  8. Legs must be able to kick oppression, discrimination and bullshit policies in the ass.
  9. Adventures.

(NOTES:Everything above is FREE).

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