Do You Post Your Kids?

Social media is a place to connect, share stories, experiences and other parts of our life. There are some people that share a lot and those that share a little. How do we decide what is too much. Often times it’s normal to post special occasions, and some of our most intimate moments such as wedding, proposals, travel, birthdays and birth of our children. When is it going too far? What about posting picture of our children?

When we post on online and social media, it’s forever engraved within the online data and can be tracked forever. Yes you can always post and delete but in this day and age screenshots and saving pictures in a matter of minutes is easy. Yeah it’s just innocent children being put online to share your blessing with the world but is it really safe in a world of mass shooting, racism, mental health issues etc? Do you really want strangers and people you may not speak with outside of the internet to see and have access to your most prized possessing which in most cases is our children? I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes my child looks go adorable that I can’t wait to post a picture of her and let the world see, even those I haven’t spoke to since high school or ever that follows me. But what for? Typically the people we trust, have a relationship and family with we can email or text a picture or update right? So what’s the need for social media? I’m really bias with this but would be interested in knowing how many people feel it’s fine to post their children online and those that are a bit more private? Thank you for Reading!!!

15 thoughts on “Do You Post Your Kids?”

  1. I won’t have my kids photos online. I would want my kid to be safe. I may just get my baby dressed up and take professional photos of him or her. I want a baby but the sex doesn’t matter as long as he or she is healthy. My biological clock is ticking. I’ll be 39 in January 2020.

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    1. Yes I know how you feel, I had my daughter at 34 and my clock was ticking. I never post her online she is 6 months. I wanna keep her safe. Some things are sacred to me such as her. Privacy is good right? Lol. Are you
      Married? If not are you gonna wait for marriage to have a baby? I follow some women on YouTube that want a baby as a single woman and did the IVF to get pregnant?


  2. β—‡ Diamond Hard – I AM NOT!!! a Parent but I AM a Child of 50+ Years Old; I Was Beaten as a Child in The Name of Discipline and that Harden Me Up to The Extent I No longer have Meaningful Interactions with My Biological Progenitors but I Do Give Them Money from Time-to-Time; strangers have often been So Much Kinder to Me than Family so I certainly would give any kids, that I may have the opportunity to Father, Encouragement to Spread Their Net of Encounters and Experience No Matter THE RISK!!! πŸ€— instead of Restricting My Kids due to MY OWN ANXIETIES!!! 😲 – Diamond Hard


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  3. Remember TMI and be careful what you post because it does last forever. My sons are 23 and 27 and I started posting their pins 7 years ago on my blog as a way to leave a legacy, however, only appropriate poses.

    I oftentimes see people posting inappropriate images of their kids and it may seem innocent to them, however, through the eyes of others it may not be so

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  4. β—‡ Diamond Hard – There’s a Place where We ARE ALL Connected; it’s called SubAtomic Spaces…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that this Place is where We ARE ALL One; yet, Here, in 3D, We THINK!!! We ARE Separate which is, actually, kinda fun…kids get this; oh, wait, We Were ALL Once Kids as I AM Now, as 50+ years young and, like Grandparents, Encouraging Youngsters to Ignore Their Parents and Other Authority – Diamond Hard



  5. β™‘ “Daddy; why do you employ someone to look after me, I AM perfectly capable of looking after MySelf πŸ€” ?” ~ ‘Lara Croft’ Movie, 2018


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  6. I am careful about what I post on social media when it comes to pictures, especially of my children. Actually, I rarely post pictures. I don’t mind if people occasionally post one or two photos, but a lot of folks get carried away and constantly post pics of their kids. I always say some things aren’t meant to be made public, especially private moments with family. I feel that too much is being shared on social media. There’s a lot of sickos online so safety is a major concern to me.

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  7. I think some people post their kids and other intimate things and moments of their lives online when they can just share it with the ones closer to them is because they’re looking for outside validation, even though they may not know or admit it. There are a lot of crazies out there in the social media world. People should be more careful about who and what they post and how much. I think people share way too much information on social media.

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