Are Women Built for Casual Sex?!

What’s your thought on casual sex ladies? Can you sleep with a man and not catch feelings? It’s weird because we say we can but I know many women who end up caring and liking the guy more than just fuck buddy.

We are naturally more emotional and from the core want to marry one man and start a family. That’s the goal so are we really just looking to have fun or is it a way to bypass time until we meet someone we can marry? For my ladies who are single are you alright with the casual sex right now, or are you holding off until you meet someone that’s commitment ready?

Fellas do we change after the sex? I think we do, now our feelings are involved and now we want to see can take us seriously. Any woman who denies that probably ain’t that into to YOU. Thank you for Reading!


7 thoughts on “Are Women Built for Casual Sex?!”

  1. I feel that in general we are not. I believe those who are/can have trained themselves, tamed their emotions (hardened them or have found a method that works for them) can have casual sex and not catch feelings, but what did you have to do to get to this point? And also, what is really going through your mind and heart when you are alone in your bed at night. The front for some is they can but, deep down inside they are hiding from the world what they truly feel. Then you have those who can because they have different views about sex in general. They believe it’s not sacred or it doesn’t constitute commitment. You have women that do want to be married or in a relationship. But for me…no way can I be okay with casual sex. I know me. I know my heart. I know my emotions and I own the fact that I can’t. But, no judgement for those who can.

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  2. Most women and some men fully go into the FWB type relationship with those first goals of not getting involved or whatever term they wish to use. However, it is hard, no pun intended, to separate feelings when if everything is going well, you are naked with said person and how intimate is that? I say after the 3rd NSW hook-up with the same person it truly isn’t as NSW as it would seem. Just my observations as I did lots of “research” in this area but am now happily married 🙂

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    1. Thank you and I agree. People go into it with the idea of companionship and a good lay then someone ends up catching feelings. It’s human nature unless your emotions have been hardened and on guard by a bad experience.

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  3. I don’t think we are built for that but we can definitely have sex and keep the emotions out of it. Especially when there’s an age gap of years, where the woman is older. It’s a lot easier to detach ourselves from those feelings when we know the relationship could never grow from the jump.

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