White Men With Guns

It’s crazy how this is hard to believe. I believe terrorists come in all shades and nationalities but when I do find is that when it’s a white male, it’s mental health issues. Why can’t it be pure hate, and racism?

The last few weeks have been devastating, two White males felt the need to take innocent lives over what? What is that going to do? Make a statement!? All it did was ruin your life and take others. It is sick, but what is these actions stemming from? Racism! This can’t be the way God wanted us to live. 😞

Lets be real, white privilege is real. The fact that a majority feels like they are above other races is a learned behavior. The fact that other races are becoming more popular in the U.S has upset the white culture and some of them such as these white males are using their anger to fuel racism. When your hate for a culture drives you to take lives, this is a sick way of thinking.  Children typically embrace each other and other nationalities because like a baby, they don’t know any better.  When hate is taught, this is what you end up with, a male killing his sister and 9 others in Dayton Ohio, and a sick fuck walking into a common store such as Wal-mart and taking innocent lives for no reason but his own selfish -racism inflicted thoughts. Disgusting! I am just soooooo disgusted with it all! He needs to rot under the jail along with all the other mass murders that have walked this earth. Most of them were probably teased in school, lack of friends, on drugs or needed pills to interact with the world, molested….I honestly feel something happened to these people as kids that made them hate to the point where they wish to take peoples lives. Again, very disgusting and disturbing.


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