5 Ways NOT to be Used!

1. Believe pattens not apologies- people are creatures of habit, they will show you how they feel about you. Believe it! Trust your gut. Apologies are like tissues, wipe your ass with them when you see a pattern believe that’s what it is!

2. Potential is false hope. Accept someone for who they are today and if it gets better, great! If not then you know and have accepted what your getting into. Potential is your expectations placed on an individual.

3. Believe all red flags. They are showing you the truth and telling you beware. The universe gives us warning signs. Listen to them. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably is not.

4. Know your worth. Respect yourself. Know you matter and so do your feelings. You are worthy of a happy life. Don’t take bullshit.

5. Don’t lower your standards. Desperation and loneliness Is the devils playground. Stay occupied and do the things you wanna potential partner to do for yourself until that time comes.


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