What Would You Do?!πŸ‘€

Personally for me this is a hard one. My first mind is saying God don’t make mistakes, take the money and go. My other mind says if you lost money, you would want someone to return it to you right? Honestly, it’s almost as if you can tell yourself that I was meant to find it, this is a blessing don’t ask questions. What about the person who left it and goes back to see if it’s there? Should I just chalk it up to the person who lost it as careless and take the money? What would you do? Would you feel guilt? Thanks for Reading!

6 thoughts on “What Would You Do?!πŸ‘€”

  1. I would keep it. So many people are in and out of Walmart daily –you wouldn’t know who to trust when they come to claim the money. Now if it’s a wallet–with identification, I would turn it in.

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    1. I agree great point. You honestly don’t know. I love the wallet concept, yes if the money is attached to identification then yes I think it’s only right to turn in but I’d turn it to the police or security not customer, you know Walmart can be ghetto at times, especially here in the Chicago land area.


  2. First, I would hang out by the bathroom for a while to see if the person returned. Then I would notify management that a large sum of money was left in the bathroom and give them my phone number, letting them know that if the person came back to the store to see if someone turned it in, they could let them know it was found. Then the manager could call me and I’d come back into the store and hand it to the person directly. Of course, that would take a lot of serendipity, but I would try really hard to get the money back to the person. If nothing happened, I’d keep it.

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    1. Love your response and yes!!! That’s would take a lot of good will being on my end because the little eager beaver would say just keep it, God wanted you to have it lol but yes I would give them a chance to claim it and if not then potentially keep if not claimed. Great comment!

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