Baby Wait!!! (Weight)

I gave birth to my daughter 5 1/2 months ago and although I knew it takes time for the baby wight to drop, it’s not going fast enough for me!

I been pretty small majority of my life weighting no more than about 120 lbs until around 30 years old, then I gained 15 lbs and went up and down between 135-140 lbs from there. I was still satisfied with that weight because I still looked good and my curves were nice. My pregnancy weight at the time of birth was 175 lbs. I’m 159-160 and really want this weight off.

I must admit I don’t help it much cause I still eat what I want. I cut beef and pork out my diet but only eat seafood and chicken. I think about getting a gym membership but don’t do well with those from the past. I end up going for a few weeks then fall off wasting money especially being a working mom, I need to be able to motivate myself to work out at home. That’s where I will do best. Although people say I look good for just having a baby and it’s only been 5 months it’s not enough for me. Has anyone ever felt this way after giving birth?! How long did it take you to lose the weight?


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  1. I definitely feel you on this issue! I’ve been 7 months postpartum and I am not down to my pre-pregnancy weight. With my last daughter (9 years ago) I lost the weight and then some within the first 6 months! I’m being patient with myself. I know I’m older and still getting adjusted to life with my new baby!

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    1. Thank you! Congrats on our new babies! I need to join a group
      With other new moms where we can share experiences. You know any? Yes I told myself don’t be so hard on myself, it takes time. Yes I was in my 30s when I had my baby so it can take longer to drop off.

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  2. After having my last (of six) child at age 40, I got pretty fat. I lost 50 pounds doing low carb and running. Cut out the bread, rice, sugar, etc. Exercise helps , but diet is most important. Good luck! If you need a sweetener for coffee, Stevia is the best one. Splenda destroys gut bacteria.

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  3. I am 15 months post partum and I have not lost the weight. I gained 35-40 pounds during my pregnancy. I’ve lost about 20 pounds but I want to return to my prepregnancy weight. I like you am not doing myself any favors. I eat what and when I want :(. Prior to having my child, I was plant based which was a huge adjustment but it worked really well for my body. I had more energy, I lost a ton of weight, my acne cleared up, my skin was the most even its ever been in my life! I am trying to get back there but it’s hard. I think I may try the 22 day Beyonce Cochella way of eating starting August 1st.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Oh how I can so relate with this! My baby just turned one. I’ve actually lost most of the weight. However, this belly just wants to stay put and make me look like I’m 3 months pregnant. Started this new diet thing last weekend and signed up for gym membership… hoping it all works.

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