Life’s Divine Purpose!

I am so intrigued by life and how we spirits get through this journey. Its so interesting how spirits that we cannot see or feel, control our every move.  It also makes me wonder about life’s journey and if is already pre-ordained. For example, are the experiences we have meant to lead us to the purpose God has created for us. Are the challenges there purposely to make us stronger/smarter? The quote above gives people hope, and helps get through tough times as we face our journey. It makes you wonder when children die young, was their journey short in life to begin with?  Did they a;ready fulfill their purpose? What about tragic deaths, were they mean to happen, or was it their life cut short before the purpose was fulfilled?

I am a true believer that we all have a purpose and weather it gets fulfilled, only some of us will know. I do agree that when its fulfilled life is over for the spirit, and moved on to the next chapter. What are your thoughts on this?! Thank you for Reading!


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