What’s The Rush?!

I love this topic because in some form or fashion we have all rushed to the next phase, or prayed about the next phase which was just not happening on our timeline. I remember being a kids and thinking I had forever to grow up. When your a child it seems like you have a long time before you finish school. As a teenager, it feels like you can wait to move out and make your own decisions.  It seems to change as you become an adult. When we start setting these timelines for ourselves such as when are we going to get married, have a baby, finish college, change careers, get our big break, get promoted etc. We are always racing against time.  The question is, whose time are we racing, Gods timing or society’s standards. I remember before having my daughter, the question was when are you going to have a baby? I was over 30 so of course it was made to be an urgency right? When your single, everyone asks you, when are you getting married? Annoying but it makes you panic, when everyone around seems to be moving at a healthy pace and your stagnant. Blame Society, not GOD. I learned when its his timing, there is no panic or force. It flows and things just fall into place at the right time. Its hard to just let go and let GOD but I am firm believe it works.  You may have to put a foot in that direction, I am a believe in manifestation, but when things are stacking against you and you still push, there cant be anything good around the corner. What do you think? Have you had a situation where you felt like you were panicking and giving up, when you should have respected Gods timing? Thank you!



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