I Am Appauled! Disgusted!

Has anyone heard about the man who dismembered, raped and hid the body of a Chinese scholar student attending the Univ of Illinois?  The case has been on the news quite a bit.  If your unsure of it here is a link to the story.

Brendt Christensen avoids death penalty, sentenced to life in prison in U of I scholar’s slaying

So this dude was on trial for the death penalty after admitting to the disgusting crime.  It looks like the jury deliberated and the final decision was life in jail without parole. I am sooooo disgusted. How can they let this monster live after doing such a hideous crime? Wouldn’t dismembering and hiding a body cause for the most highest form of penalty which is death? Whats wrong with american and where do we find jurist that would actually feel any type of remorse to someone who can mentally come up with such an act? Whats your thoughts! Please let me know what you think.


6 thoughts on “I Am Appauled! Disgusted!”

  1. There seem to be a pattern, when Elijah Al Amin was killed they said the killer was mentally ill and this one is also mentally ill. I think your system is very racist and shows favouritism. Showing baby videos of him opening his Christmas presents means nothing and will not restore the daughter back. The fool is not even willing to show some respect by letting the families know where her remains are for a proper burial. I cannot imagine how the family feels. Especially her mother. This has made me really really sad.

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