Should It Really be 50/50?!

I find that this topic is important because finance has become one of the top reasons for issues within relationships. Going in, people may not consider the financial burden that can take place as responsibilities increase.  How important to you is your spouses income or salary? For me personally, it is very important.  Although I find it important for my spouse and I having our own money and bank account to purchase things we need and want individuality, the goal in marriage is to have a help-mate both emotionally, spiritually and financially.  It makes life a whole lot easier. I also agree with splitting things 50/50 for the more expensive bills, and designation of the smaller bills to each other.  For example, both split mortgage or rent, and someone gets the electricity, and the other gets the cable etc.  In a way, its fair to me.  But what if one partner make significantly less, should they pay equal?

In my opinion the spouse who has a lower income should maybe take on some of the smaller expenses such as utilities and grocery.  The spouse with the larger income may pay the higher bills, but they are less of them.  That’s the only way I can see it because personally, I don’t see my self in a relationship with someone that can split the expenses 50/50 at least the important ones.  I believe for me, this comes from working hard for my money, and if I am carrying the load, its hard to use the excess money to enjoy such as shopping, travel, recreation etc. without being tight every pay check.  If we both carry our weight, we both can have additional funds for enjoyment.  I believe in the importance of being equally yolked.  I do understand that at times we all get tight or hardships are faced, and yes the help of your partner holding things up is a benefit and should be something they do, but on a average daily basis, if we both are helping out, it can make things so much easier.

What are your thoughts on this, and what would you do?  Thanks for Reading!


15 thoughts on “Should It Really be 50/50?!”

  1. Or if one person has a much higher income, why not each person pay the same percentage of their income towards common expenses ??? If my partner is a high income earner and drives a BMW, Benz or Lexus, I feel they should be responsible for payments and maintenance of said vehicle…. if I’m living in an expensive high rise, that I know I can’t afford, why not pay the same percentage of my monthly income towards the rent/mortgage ???

    I’ve seen firsthand how some couples address this issue and do so honestly and with no problems, but I’ve seen some in which some resentment builds because one person isn’t “on their level” and feel they’re pulling the weight !!!

    Conversations about finances and money are extremely important , but many couples avoid having them and also people should be aware that not everyone values spending or saving the same way ….

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    1. Yes! You hit the anil on the head in my opinion. I mean if you love someone then yes you will hold them down but realistically those that earn a higher income dont want to feel like its all on them. I know some men like it because they feel of power and control so they dont mind paying all the expense while some women would rather be taken care of and follow rules set by their spouse. I can imagine doing that, so yes I feel we both should hold our own weight together. Great Comment.


  2. When my partner and I started living together, he paid for the most expensive bills (his car etc but I paid for the smaller ones and it worked out ok.

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    1. That’s not bad, since my husband and I make close to the same amount we split majority and I pay for my own before him and he does the same for his before me. It just works


  3. Interesting…my perspective is quite different. In my marriage, we don’t have the concept of “my money” and “his money”. Our income together is our money. We set our budget together every month so we’re both in agreement on how we’re spending our money, and it doesn’t matter who’s physically paying for what.

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    1. Thank you for sharing! I just feel it’s important to have your own bag. I def feel let’s both work together and take care of things but I always like to keep my own money as well.


  4. Interesting post! I think it should be split evenly however if someone earns more they should contribute more towards the bills. It can get tricky though because the one who earns more may have other financial commitments outside of the household lol

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  5. We have always paid a fair percentage of the bills, based on our incomes. The only bill we split equally is for food and groceries, as we reason that each of us would spend that much if we were on our own.
    Many thanks for following my blog! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. Hi! I wanted to thank you for stopping by Chapel of Hope Stories today and becoming a follower…it made my day….love the discussions above…always an interesting topic and you have some great comments…Becky Dingle

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