You want us to eat healthier, make it affordable!

I understand that the economy drives off of tax payers money. Of course our debt and tax money helps make the world financially go round. What I don’t understand is that doctors and health officials push that we need to eat a healthier balanced diet, and this in return allows us to stay fit and live longer. Which makes sense. Well if this is the case, how come you can’t make the healthier foods affordable?! Example, health food stores like Whole Foods and Mariano’s just to name a few, sell a wide variety of organic food options that have less added preservatives, calories and ingredients that aren’t natural. If you compare the price of the healthier foods they are much more expensive and to grocery shop for a family of four minimum in a health food store you are going to spend hundreds of dollars. This can really add up.

Thus, you see the poorer populations that do not have access to healthier foods and health food stores. If we are promoting what’s best for the human population, why not make the high calorie, unhealthy foods at a cheaper price and make organic and healthier meals cheaper?? Example fruit and veggies smoothies are 6-10.00, organic veggies are typically 1-2.00 higher in price. Organic milk and eggs are much higher in price including meats and protein product.

What’s your thoughts?! Why do health officials show health concerns when it come to dieting and food sources but make sell healthy food choices at a higher rate? Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “You want us to eat healthier, make it affordable!”

  1. Unfortunately it costs more to grow foods without pesticides, in other words, organically. Thus the price will be higher. And yes, the government is subsidizing the WRONG foods. However, you can eat pretty healthy without buying organic foods. Go to weekend farmer’s markets instead of Whole Foods to get produce and eggs. Personally I do not eat organic . I’m fine with buying frozen veggies and non-organic fresh produce like bananas and salad stuff. I will occasionally find some items on sale like organic strawberries. And produce with thick skin is usually okay anyway. Just my two cents! 😀

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    1. Thanks Bri! Gets its crazy how much you spend just to get a fridge full of healthy foods with no address bull shit but yet they teach us to maintain a healthy diet, it adds up when you have more than yourself.

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