Is there a such thing as Soul Mates?

Would you say this is true? Thoughts?! Is there a such thing as a soulmate? Do we have someone our soul is meant to connect with? Not sure! I’ve seen so many people that never find a long term relationship or the ones that do a lot end up in divorce or just have children together? I think there are people your souls connect with when you have an understanding of your spirit and soul, and that takes time and life lessons in my opinion. If there is a soul mate, that may take a lot of time because there are billions of people constantly being born and alive so how is there an actual soul mate? What you think? 🤔


2 thoughts on “Is there a such thing as Soul Mates?”

  1. i’ve never thought of it this way but it makes sense! the sole purpose of life is not necessarily to be with one person forever but the learn, grow and help other through out the way.

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