Netflix Beats Cable Any-day!

I don’t know about you, but I stopped paying for cable service a long time ago! I think its a complete rip off when it comes to prices. I will say I love watching a good movie or TV show and relaxing. Some type of TV entertainment is a must in my home. What I am over is paying 200.00 a month in cable bills and fees for programming that is repetitive, and only consists of depressing news and reality TV shows.  Honestly why pay that money to cable when you can use Internet to watch series and movies on Netflix for 12.99?  Now there are so many streaming services where yo can get access to cable networks for the low.

Besides Netflix there is Hulu, Amazon TV, Apple TV, Fire-stick, and Sling TV just to name a few.  Another factor that keeps me away from cable is that you can watch the same programming on your phone.  You may even get lucky and watch the best parts of the show on Youtube.  We need to figure out the best ways to cut costs because the cost of living goes up each year, and we waste so much money on bull-shit, cable being one of them.  OK, so you say what about my children, they watch TV…cartoons right?  They can access the same programs on Netflix, they have a whole category aimed towards children.  Want to stay tuned with the news, hell social media alerts you on the latest news updates quicker than CNN – log online! This is just one way to cut cost in your home.  Do you know of any simple ways to cut costs to add to this post?  If so please share! Thank you for Reading!img_8091-2


4 thoughts on “Netflix Beats Cable Any-day!”

  1. We haven’t paid for Cable or satellite for many years. We have Netflix and Youtube now. We had Playstation Network for awhile. It’s pretty cheap. You get quite a few stations. But we weren’t using it so we cancelled it. We don’t miss the other stuff. Netflix has so many options. We use Roku and sometimes watch free channels with commercials, but ugh. And sometimes we rent from Redbox or from various movie streaming services through the Roku. You can also get movies at the library.

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  2. I’ve been without cable for 5 years. Best decision. I increased the speed on my internet and started streaming tv from my Roku device. This year I purchased a tv with Roku built in. I watch more tv now with Netflix, Hulu, BritBox (British tv) , and AcornTV (also British tv).

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