Spending Guilt

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is doing well and getting through this Monday with no problem! 🙂 I wanted to ask a question?  Does anyone else ever get a case of the “spend guilt?”  You know you plan on budgeting and only spending a certain amount of money per pay period, or week.  You feel good being able to put some money up, only to go over your budget and have to end up using your savings???? 


Well that girl is me! I experienced that recently.  I was all set to pay some bills, put some money up in the savings, and put a little money aside for spending and getting through the work week.  Then out of no where I call myself going to the casino, losing 300.00 – strike one.  Going out to eat, then not to mention its fathers day weekend so that 100.00 on a gift for my husband and dinner – another 100.00 – mow e up to 500.00 and the weekend just getting started. By then I was on a roll, spend another 97.00 at Walmart, and hey….why not top it off with grocery’s and clothes for the summer. 


With that being said, after looking in my wallet and seeing all my spending money gone, I now had to put this “so called money” I planned on saving out so I can get through the week. This numb feeling is called “spend guilt.” If only I sat my ass down and didnt go haywire at the casino, eat food I bought from the grocery and stayed out the mall -and other stores I would be 600.00 richer right? LOL. Has anyone else experienced “spend guilt?” Thanks for Reading!



6 thoughts on “Spending Guilt”

  1. This week in fact! I’ve been budgeting but not really sticking to it. This month (June) I said to myself, “self, we’re going to do it this month”. I was doing good until Father’s Day came and Zara decided to email me about a sale. SMH 😦

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