When They See US -The Central Park Five story

This is  a must watch Netflix film.  If you have a son of color, you must see this heartbreaking reality.  Its a documentary of five young boys who were wrongfully convicted of a rape back in 1989.  They pinned the crime on these young boys who were only ages 14-16.  They were not apart of the crime, and didn’t have any recollection of this happening.  The New York Police came up with a story to put them in jail and spent anywhere from 7-14 years in prison for a crime they didn’t commit. The movie shows what they went through and also sheds light on the story which has since went untold. 

I COULD GO ON AND ON ABOUT HOW THE SYSTEM IS A FRAUD.  THERE A THOUSANDS OF BLACK MEN AND BOYS INCARCERATED FOR A CRIME THEY HAVE NOT COMMITTED DUE TO THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN.  It sucks to walk around living in fear that the police will find any reason to fuck with you because of a history of racism and injustice. My heart hurts for those black boys that are scared to speak, or make eye contact with the police who hate them.  How can you hate someone for their race.  I understand disliking someone for their actions, but from the color of their skin, its sick.  Will it ever end, probable not, because its a pasted down learned behavior.  Its generational thinking, and that takes a village to change, everyone has to work together to do this.  I pray their is a change for the future children.

Linda Fairstein is the woman who wrongfully convicted and fought to make up a story knowingly these boys were innocent. 


Its a story of how the justice system has failed us minorities, and how it need to STOP.  Please  if you have seen this film, let me know your thoughts or personal experiences with injustice from the law.  LETS PROTECT OUR BLACK AND LATINO BOYS!!!!!  

Thank you for reading!


13 thoughts on “When They See US -The Central Park Five story”

  1. I couldn’t finish watching it. Knowing the outcome was too painful. I have written for 12 years about our criminal justice system and have some understanding of the inhumanity against people the US doesn’t want to accept as equals and has no problem destroying. This is the purpose of the book I’m writing. You’ll find chapters on my blog with the book cover, Inside the Forbidden Outside.

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    1. Thank you! I look forward to checking out your book. Its sad how humanity can hate a race that did not have a choice but to be enslaved and now hated for the mental chains placed upon them. Your right, the criminal justice system has failed as for a long time now.


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