What They Don’t Tell You About Having A Baby!!!!

Hey loves! Sorry again for being MIA, its been a pretty busy last few weeks. Probably the most busy I been in a long time.  I wanted to share some of the things they don’t tell us about giving birth!  You see the outcome which is a beautiful baby, but there arent enough warnings on all the many things that can and do happen during labor and delivery.  Lets not forget after delivery, there is whole other process that takes place which makes it even more exhausting.

First let me give you the real deal.  I was induced because of preclampsia.  I got this during week 31 of my pregnancy.  Now, I knew it was a chance I could get it because my blood pressure was elevated majority of the my second trimester.  It started to elevate and stay high around week 29.  One week I did not have protein in my urine (week 31) and week 32 I did, just that quick.  Swelling, high BP, protein in urine are all potential signs of preclampsia.  So I was admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks because if my BP stayed high they would be inducing me.  Sure enough after a 5 day hospital stay my BP wasn’t able to stay under control and they induced me at 32 weeks and 5 days.  This process consisted of pitocin which is an IV that helps to speed up labor, and increase contractions.  I was already 1-2 cm dialtated so they didn’t need to soften my cervix.  After about 8 hours of labor, it was time to push.  Now let me be honest, contractions hurt like HELL!  At first they aren’t that strong, but after you get closer to full dialitation those suckers are like FIRE! I got an epidural but honestly it didn’t help, I still felt the contractions.  The best advice I can give, is to push through those contractions.  For some reason, when you push it makes the sensation more bearable.  After the baby is delivered they typically let you do skin to skin, but in my case I saw her for about 5 min then they whisked her away to the NICU.  Since she was a preemie, she has to stay for a few weeks.

At my hospital they move you to the post partum unit which is called Mom and Baby unit.  Here, they give you time to rest, but they put this big ass pad on you, and some hemoroid pads in case you need them to help in that area.  You will literally be on the longest period of your life afterwards, the most common length of time to bleed after labor is 1-2 weeks.  The breast milk can kick in 2-4 days after delivery so dont be concerned if it doesn’t happen right away like I did.  It took mine about 2 days.  Its like a relief when the baby comes out because having the baby drops off like 10 pounds right there.

I wanted to share this experience because it is truly amazing but it was not easy ladies! I commend all the mommies out there because we truly are amazing! Thank you for reading and feel free to comment!



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