The Truth About Labor and Delivery πŸ“¦πŸ€°πŸ½

Hey! It’s been a while since I posted because guess what?! I had a baby!!! I still can’t believe I made it through that journey because ladies…it is truly a journey. The fact that we can produce a human within 9 months is mind blowing. I will say that it wasn’t easy. I can’t complain cause I didn’t vomit not one time in my first trimester and didn’t have much nausea. Second trimester was pretty easy until I got to 29 weeks. This is when the challenges began….stuffy nose, swollen ankles, shrunken stomach, weight gain, exhaustion and etc. Then to make it worst I got preeclampsia at 32 weeks pregnant! Thank goodness my baby is thriving and she is so beautiful, I’m in LOvE. When I saw that face it was so worth every ache. I will say I’m don’t want to go through pregnancy again, lol it ain’t for everyone. Delivery was pretty good, after 8 hours of labor she was out in 4 good pushes! Thank you lord!

Ladies how was your pregnancy and labor story? What was the worst and best part….feel free to share the reality of labor that they don’t tell us! Thanks for reading!!!!

11 thoughts on “The Truth About Labor and Delivery πŸ“¦πŸ€°πŸ½”

  1. Congratulations! With all of my babies I was in bed rest and they were both born early. I was in the hospital seems like every week between other appointments. It was a journey but when I look at them I am thankful God gave me the strength to β€œpush” through!

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  2. congratulations..I mean I still can’t believe that happens. My aunt had a baby and it is a girl. I don’t have a baby but have observed what goes around my family. It is very interesting from a fetus to a human that will have a purpose on earth.

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