Are You Serious -Skin Bleaching?

Today I came across an article that really had me blown away.  Honestly before I get started….I asked myself, why am I shocked, when your dealing with a manipulator, they will do anything to secure the bag or get ahead.  I am talking about Blac Chyna….she is promoting a new skin bleaching cream called “Whitealicious.”  She is promoting it in Lagos, Africa….a place where there is an epidemic of colorsim and skin bleaching. You going to a country of majority dark skin people and promoting a skin bleaching cream as to say that dark skin is ugly, and I can make you pretty by using this skin cream. As an African american woman, you would think she would have enough decency to say “NO.” I refuse to sell this crap to my people. Its unhealthy and not safe. But the superficial chick she is…….

First skin bleaching is unsafe, and unhealthy.  It can cause all type of skin diseases and problems long term.  When your uneducated and superficial, you will over look these issues and continue to expose yourself to become unhealthy.  The fact that an African american woman, who I am pretty sure knows that this is a problem and not safe will promote a product in AFRICA of all countries is sick. Here is a picture of the advertisement below: 


Skin bleaching from my research is a huge issue in places like Africa, Asia, China and islands of Jamaica. Places where there are people of color. They feel like “white” skin is more pretty and attractive and you get more attention.  Now don’t get this confused with “light skin.”  I am talking “white” skin. Example below:



Yall this is a hot mess! When you been brainwashed to believe that skin with melanin is not beautiful you will go to lengths to change it.  Whats crazy is that these things are unsafe.  The cause long term health issues such as :

  • skin turning dark or too light.
  • thinning of the skin.
  • visible blood vessels in the skin.
  • scarring.
  • kidney, liver or nerve damage.
  • abnormalities in a newborn baby (if used during pregnancy

I wanted to post this issue to see what your thoughts.  Thanks for reading!



17 thoughts on “Are You Serious -Skin Bleaching?”

  1. I agree Pink Diva. This is a disgrace to our culture. I am glad you put it out there. We need to stop and block this selfish behavior. All for the Mighty dollar.

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  2. To say the jar is been sold for 90K that is 250$… Lagos is one city full of insecured women when it comes to the color of their skin. Society has made them believe only light skin is considered beautiful and many has gone overboard with this. They call it toning just to make the nonsense impressed the insecure. I pray people start appreciating their natural self.

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  3. I was appalled when I first saw the ad posted on The Shade Room’s Instagram. As a first generation daughter with parents from Nigeria I was mortified realizing Blac Chyna would go to my country to try to manipulate women into believing their dark skin is not beautiful. I’ve witnessed my mom and aunts go through with bleaching their own skin and I didn’t understand. Women in Nigeria are desperate and so insecure. It’s a shame that Blac Chyna is focusing on insecurities from women in a poor country to secure her bag…

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