What the Hell is wrong with this picture?

I really hate that we even need to have this as a topic of discussion but it goes to show how you can take a girl out the hood but you won’t take the hood out the girl. I’m sure y’all have read the blogs and saw the TMZ videos of this feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. I’m going to keep my synopsis short and sweet. There’s a time and place for everything and in my opinion when you reach a certain level in your career especially as a world entertainer, you learn to pick your battles. I understand Cardi B hold close to her motto, “I’m gonna be me whether someone likes it or not and I didn’t sign up to be a role model” basically I’m summarizing how she refers to herself in my opinion with that quote. What about the people around her, didn’t anyone in their right mind hollar at her and y’all her out of acting a plum fool??? Why not wait till you catch her in the street if you want to be ratchet but why at a high profile event? Is it that serious? Plus Cardi has shown to be a hipocrit, she cries when someone’s picking on her but Cardi is just as much a bully as Nicki. Yes I think Nicki throws shots and definitely gets under her skin but why not challenge each other with a rap battle, keep it on wax, what’s grown ass women fighting going to do? That’s my take on it, just didn’t make sense to act out. Now you messing with your own bag cause Nicki technically could use this against Cardi legally if she wanted to really be a bitch. Now that isn’t worth it.

Nicki had has her podcast Queen radio where she goes clean in on Cardi and honestly I don’t blame her. She should get clowned for looking a damn fool with her ass out. 😫😦😒

What you think?




14 thoughts on “What the Hell is wrong with this picture?”

  1. I think one has been in the rap game longer the other and obviously has not matured enough, Nicki. While Cardi B is just entering and is not the only one that has a lot to learn. I agree with you when you said they should have kept it on wax. There really is no need for beef when there is enough steak and tofu for everyone.

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  2. I feel like Nicki always falls into the narrative pitting her against other female rappers. Remy Ma certainly laid a trap for her that she walked into with her “Make Love” verse, but with Cardi I feel like Cardi tried to take the high road for a long time calling Nicki Minaj “a legend” in interviews when asked about her. Nicki herself tried to take the high road for a little bit when she congratulated Cardi on Bodak going #1. But then she decided to bring the beef public on her Zane Lowe interview not coincidentally the week Cardi’s album debuted at #1. “She never showed me genuine love.” Yet she called her a legend? “Most girls would be grateful to be on a song with Nicki Minaj.” It was the Migos’ song. Now it seems Cardi has gotten tired of taking the high road. I say this as someone who believes Nicki is the better rapper but has shown that she cannot deal with other female rappers on the scene. The only one she’s ever really been cool with is Trina and maybe Dej Loaf.

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    1. I totally agree Caleb, but people in Cardi Camp should had prepped her for the music industry and did some damage training on how to handle these types of situations. Its going to affect her career both musically and financially if she let others in the game get to her….what you think?


  3. It’s not a good look and it’s a big “L” for two of the rap games most successful female rappers. And I can’t help but feel that by giving this foolishness the attention that it clearly doesn’t deserve that we (myself included) are somehow perpetuating and rewarding this behavior and normalizing it so tabloid bottom feeders can profit from it by sensationalizing it. As if WoC don’t already have enough hurdles to overcome. Just ask Serena Williams.

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  4. Hi, first of all great post. I really could see both sides and I think both are equally responsible for what’s happened.. I think its kinda silly how Nicki tries to stir things up with Cardi (via social media twitter) when she of all people should know how it feels to be a female entering the rap game. As a female rapper, she plays as a role model to all females and aspiring female rap artists. Why would she try to undermine a fellow artists successes when she preaches about feminism and women empowerment? But at the same time I feel like Nicki is acting out because maybe she feels like Cardi maybe didn’t give the respect she thinks she deserves as a one of the most successful female rap artists of today? Who knows but At the end of the day I think this drama is silly really because bad blood wont do anything but cause more damage but theres also a lot of things to learn from it.. again, thanks for the post really insightful!

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