PIINK DIIVA was Nominated for the 🥇Sunshine Bloggers Award 🥈Most Versatile Bloggers Award💃🏻



I want to thank TWO of my awesome beautiful followers Marie Simeon and 😍Brownbeauty8 for nominating me!!!  I appreciate every follow who has taken the time to read my posts and share their opinion on life’s matters. 🌏 Below are some bloggers questions from the Sunshine 🌞 Award that I would like to share!!!

1. What is one of your favorite blog post that you have made to date?

One of my favorite blog posts is “Creating A Goal List.” This blog posts has been very inspiring because in life we get so caught up with working and personal obligations we forget about the goals we have set for ourselves. Everyone on earth has goals little or small but often times obstacles get in the way to keep us from obtaining them. I wrote that post to not only keep myself motivated but remind others to not forget their own bucket list!

2. What is a “blogging rule” that you think a blogger shouldn’t break?

A blogger rule that I believe shouldn’t be broken is taking someone else’s work, post and getting credit as your own. It’s alright to get inspired or to write about the same topic, but keep it original. This will keep your true followers loyal.

3. How far do you want to take your blogging? (Tv, journalist, etc.)

I would love to have my own YouTube channel but that is something potentially down the line. 

4. What is your blogging theme/niche? If you have one, why did you pick this theme/niche?

My theme or niche is Glamorous. I love anything that shows beauty, strength…that’s why I use the diamond as my blog theme, they are beautiful and strong.  Diva is someone who is focused and knows what she wants, confidence and PIINK is a feminine color and many of the topics although relatable to men and women, are catered towards my female followers.  I love when guys follow my blog because they can validate some of myself and followers opinions for good debate/discussion.

5. Who is your favorite blogger?

I have too many to name! 

6. Peanut butter or Nutella?

Peanut Butter

7. How long have you had your blog?

I have started PIINK DIIVA years ago but really expanded it to WordPress two months ago. 

8. Who is your targeted audience?

Women of all ages.

9. How many blog posts do you make in a week?

I typically do at least 4-5 a week.

10. Do you think using some vulgarity in your blog is a bad thing?

Not at all! Keep it real.

11. Why do you love blogging?

It’s a way of self expression! 

Thank you for reading and I will have new material soon!


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