Is History Repeating Itself?

As you know yesterday marked the 50 years since the assassination of the late great Martin Luther King Jr. Did you know that he was only 39 years of age? He was killed fighting for what he believe in which was personal rights. Today many brothers are losing their lives for no good reason. Maybe they were minding their own business, or a young kid walking home with a hooded sweatshirt that deems suspicious poses a threat.  There are many more stories we can discuss,  but the question is when does the senseless killing end.  Why don’t people of all color have rights?


Officers are trained to “shoot to disable” not kill.  One officer stated that they “shoot if kill” if they feel its a threat. If this is true, why are there so many African American victims that were shot when there was no way they can pose a threat such as the LaQuan McDonald case in Chicago, where he was shot 16 times walking away from the police. Does it really take 16 shots?  He didn’t even have a weapon. Do you feel African Americans have personal rights today? Was the King’s death in vein? Is history repeating itself? Thank you for Reading!


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10 thoughts on “Is History Repeating Itself?”

  1. I don’t think anything has ever changed. The only difference is that these killing are being brought to the light with social media. Before we had to rely on News Stations to report. It’s a shame.

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  2. I’m not sure if African Americans will ever be seen as human beings in this country. Our very existence continues to be seen as more of a threat. Even when white men are the ones doing most of the mass killing.

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  3. I don’t think history is repeating itself I think there is more light being shed over it. African Americans have always had it rough and always will. I had recently made a post about “Society and the Black Men in it” and I talked about how rough they have it. I’m glad you addressed this because I thought the same thing, 16 shots!!!! It does not take 16 damn shots to “stop” someone from “harming” you. It’s ridiculous because we see this shit happening every day. Young African Americans getting killed by police over nothing. But when a white person ACTUALLY puts an officer in danger, nothing happens to them. They live. They get to go back home to their mom/dad, husband/wife, kids, etc.

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    1. Yes so true! At least there is light being she on the issue. I don’t have kids yet but if I do have a son, I would hate for him to have to enure this. Thanks for reading! I will check out your post. 😉

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  4. Every day I pray for the safety of my sons, protection and guidance. I cannot accept the fact that a police officier cannot determine if someone is holding a gun because they work with guns everyday!

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    1. Exactly, and whats sad is they are suppose to shoot to disable. Theres a kid in chicago that was running around with a Crowbar smashing out windows and chasing people down, and the police shot him in the arm, and hurt his shoulder but he is not dead. If this man was black he would have been murdered. Its just a disgrace.


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