Traveling to other Countries as an American

I was speaking with my mom and mother in law over dinner the other day about traveling, and how wonderful it will be to finally travel outside the country with my husband.  He has been to many places in the past before we were married such as Thailand and Brazil.  We are planning a trip to Mexico (Cancun) in the next few weeks and I am looking forward to it.  I just received my passport and look at this trip as one of many moving forward.  To my dismay my excitement was slightly interrupted when the conversation went towards how other countries hate Americans.  Now I know since TRUMP has been in office we aren’t the most liked nation.  I can completely understand why. This makes me sad that now we have to really be on high alert when traveling outside the U.S .  My mother sent me an email about the increased murder rate in places like Mexico.  Usually the tourist areas are pretty safe and secure because this is what drives the most money in that area, tourism.


We were going to go with another couple but they had to pull out.  My husband said that his friend mentioned it was because of finances, but I think it was his girlfriend that changed her mind,  She sent me a picture of an Iowa family who was found dead out there when the family reported them missing.  Come to find out they got Carbon Monoxide poising and it wasn’t anything related to foul play. I can see how Mexican people are upset with TRUMP, imagine being told a wall will be built because we don’t want your kind in America?  I do believe all illegal immigrants should have a green card or become U.S citizens but I don’t believe building a wall is going to be the right answer.  Its interesting to see if this man stays president all four years!  I honestly don’t even keep up with his ass, but I will probably start because all the burnt bridges he is making, you have to watch your back when traveling to other countries as an American.  Any who I am excited about my vacation and look forward to it! Thanks for Reading.

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5 thoughts on “Traveling to other Countries as an American”

  1. Hey! My bf and I had some of the same concerns. We also experienced racism in Mexico. We stayed in Playa Del Carmen. They called him Wiz Khalifa, and kept trying to sell us drugs. It was very rude, and made me uncomfortable.

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