Why Stress….We Cant Control The Outcome?!

This thing called LIFE I tell you…..don’t it feel like sometimes if it isn’t one thing, its another?  You can have a set of great weeks in a row, and sail through life on cloud nine, then BOOM! Some bullshit shakes up your world and you have to figure out how to keep it together. This in return brings stress.  This can be mentally, physically, and emotionally.  They all suck!  Well the one thing we do know is we stress…..why though?  What can we really do to fix it when we stress ourselves out about it?  Well we do it Because its out of our control, and we want to fix it right away!!!!! Its in human’s natures to control the situation in hopes of a preferred outcome.  As we get older and experience more, we realize that WE HAVE NO CONTROL, and the only thing we can do is CONTROL how we respond to it.  


What are some ways to keep from stressing????  Well find things to do to block whats going on out your mind by finding hobbies that you enjoy, for me that is SHOPPING THERAPY!  Something that also helps is make a list of what is stressing you, and write down ways to will tackle it……its something about writing things down or journaling how you feel in your smart phone that helps keep you on point to targeting what is stressing you out. Remember, nothing last forever, that’s the bright side in stress, it will one day be over…..How soon?  That’s up to GOD and how you respond.


One thing I know for sure, as long as we are humans walking this earth and living life, stress is unavoidable, we just need to find the best way to cope and keep it to a minimum so it does not take us over!  Below are some helpful ways to deal with stress.  Thank you for Reading!    



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PIINK DIIVA has been Nominated for the Liebster Award! 🥇

I want to thank my beautiful follower 5’2withanattitude for nominating me with the Liebster Award.


Below are some questions that were asked to those nominated for this Blogger award that I am excited to share with you. Majority of these questions are to get to know me better, and see how much we may have in common.

1. Thinking back to grade school, what TV show was your favorite?

My favorite grade school show that I use to watch every morning was The Bozo Show.  If anyone remembers this show it was that crazy clown who always did pranks, and had kids on his show play the Grand Prize game to win prizes.  He also showed cartoons during his show such as Woody Wood Pecker, and Yogi the Bear. This was definitely a great childhood memory.

2 What was your most memorable moment in 2017?

My most memorable moment in 2017 was my 1 year anniversary.  I got married in 2016 and when I hit my 1 year mark of marriage with my husband it was a great day.


3 If you were trapped on a deserted island, and you were allowed to bring any three people — dead, alive, famous, or non famous– who would they be and why?

If I was trapped on an island and allowed three people there is no question it would be:

-Mom, sister, and my husband


4 Describe yourself in 3 words.

Ambitious, Analytical, Relatable

5 What is your most guiltiest pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is sweets, especially cupcakes – Red Velvet – Yummy!

6 What are 3 things you take with you everywhere no matter what?

My purse – I cant leave home without my purse – if you need me to be specific probably my cell phone.

7 What is one book you started reading and never finished but wished you had?

The 48 Laws of Power


6 If you could choose an alternate first name for yourself, what would it be?

Honestly I would probably just use my middle name which is Andrea


What makes me passionate about writing:

What makes me passionate about writing is that many times other share the same opinions and experiences as you, and we don’t always have the means to connect or vent to these people any other way.  Sometimes family and friends do not understand what your going through, so writing is a way to reach beyond your limits and connect with those that may be able to get your through those turbulent times.  Also its a way of self expression, and promotes creativity.  Its just an awesome way to share thoughts and feelings.

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Random Rant…..Pet Peeves!

Pet peeves

Pet Peeve 1 #

One of my biggest Pet Peeves are parents who allow their children to come out the house looking any old type of way. I was at Blaze Pizza by my house for lunch the other day, and saw this woman come in to get food with her (what looked like) six or seven year old child.  The mother was dressed fairly decent, and looked clean hair done, and put together.  The child looked a mess, and her hair was not combed.

The child had leggings on with a short waist length pink jacket that didn’t look clean.  She had gym shoes on with no socks, and mind you its about 45 degrees still here in Chicago. Her hair was in two ponytails not combed, flying everywhere and looked like it hadn’t seen a brush all weekend. What hurt my heart is whether that’s your child or not, why not take the time to comb her hair, and put socks on her?  Just this alone would make a big difference. Yes we could look at the situation and say, well that may not be her child, but so what??? Tell the mother or who ever child that is to comb her hair and put socks on her before you babysit.  Or, how about has the caregiver, you take initiative. It grinds my nerves to see stuff like that.

Pet Peeve # 2

You ever had the annoying co worker who is too nice that its not authentic?  They really went to be cool with you so they can get in your business? I do! I like authentic people, and people that respect your privacy and business.  Typically when someone is too nice……always wonder why…..there’s genuinely nice people, and those that use kindness to be malicious.  Sometimes they don’t even know they are being malicious, but there need to be first or right or the best makes them do certain things. SNEAKY! I hate sneaky lol.  Don’t get me wrong, I think majority of people are genuinely nice and don’t have bad intents, but, in this day in age you have to keep your eyes open.  Especially in a competitive place such as the work place. 

Pet Peeve # 3

Your walking down the street on the side walk or a aisle in the grocery store and they refuse to move over, or let you by.  They look at you like they own the walk way and you should step aside.  Its almost appalling that they would expect you to even assume they would move.  I hate that.  Its like if we see each other coming, lets make room so we can both maneuver.  I see this all the time walking to the train heading for work.  If your from Chicago and take the Metra train you know oh so well folks will run you over to get to and from the train.  Its like a herd of cattle.

Pet Peeve # 4

The co worker who thinks they are in a world of their own and hums to themselves, loudly!  Thats annoying, I am trying to do my work especially in a quiet office environment, and you want to hum or sing to yourself as if your Michael Jackson.  I had this happen last week, my co worker who sits in the cube across from me was humming to herself for like an hour straight, off and on, I looked back at her like WTF.  Luckily she stopped after a while and I didn’t have to say anything but that was getting on my nerves.

Pet Peeve # 5

People who do not cover their mouth when they cough! Like ewwwww. I don’t want to be sick….sorry you are. Cover your mouth or go hibernate so I don’t catch your germs.  My husband which I love dearly likes to cough and for some reason the hand barley makes it too his mouth. I want to share your last name, not your germs! He is like a baby when he is sick, he just lets it FLY. If you sick, and cant cover your cough in time, I will gladly sleep on the sofa for those few days LOL.


This may sound like I am ranting but lets be honest, everyone has small things that erkk our nerves that we tolerate. LOL

What are your Pet Peeve! Thank you for Reading!






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Its Alright not to have all the Answers……Really….its ok.

One of the hardest things for me to admit is that I may not have all the answers!  If you are like me I pretty much treaded through life with no major issues until you have to learn to compromise and prepare for the big shit like marriage, children, financial struggles, setbacks etc. I was usually the friend that my peers came to for advice, and typically always seemed knowledgeable about alot.  There is a time that we can hit a cross road and not know where to go, or which direction to take.  This can cause anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, isolation, and just put you in a very dark space.


As I have got older and faced with more challenges its like a weight lifted to admit, I just may not know where to go from here, and to ask GOD for his guidance.  The scary part is sometimes we may not see his answer right away, GOD does not work off our timeline so we must be still and pay attention to his response.  That is usually to put us back on his original track before we drifted off making a “man made” decision. At this time, tell yourself, LORD, I don’t have the answer but I trust you will guide me through.


When you think you have all the answers, it can be a false sense of confidence. If everyone had all the answers, there would never be any mistakes made.  We learn from mistakes, at least we are suppose too.  We cant be so hard on ourselves, but when we relinquish the control, the unknown answer will come to us to lead us back on track. That’s LIFE! Thank you for Reading!

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Is this Free Will or was I Destined to Go Through This?


I am not the most religious person, let me start by saying that.  I always wondered how this THING called life is set up.  As I got older, things start to become more clear. Life is a journey, not a marathon. Every person has been through ups and downs, and has a set journey specific to them.  One question I have asked my mom many times: does everyone we meet significant in our lives serve a purpose? For example, when we get married, is this person destined to be our wife/husband? When we have children with someone, were we meant to “mate” with this person so our off spring can be created? These are questions that you can answer differently depending on how you look at it.

When we think about our life being made up of “Free Will, the meaning I found is: “the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one’s own discretion.”  Yes we can make decisions in life and they may not all be “godly” or what he has planned, but did we actually choose this as our decision, or was this God’s fate all along.  Sometimes I do think that we have free will during our journey planned by GOD for example, I do believe our journey is pre-determained.  When we listen to GOD or that spiritual nature such as “gut feelings, living by the bible, avoiding man’s sins, listening and learning who our guardian angels are on earth are all designed to keep us on the path GOD has for us.  When we add free will into it, this allows us to veer off path and make a decision that is not GODLY such as pre-marital sex – which can result in heartbreak, kids out of wedlock or with the wrong person, suicide, early death from what should not have been, pretty much anything sinful can lead us off track and cut life short or make obstacles in our life. 

When I think of Pre-determained, I truly believe that GOD has a plan for all of us. The meaning I found is: predestine (an outcome or course of events). Every soul born onto this earth in my opinion has a pre-determained path and a spiritual goal to fulfill. Many of us because of sin do not live out this goal, and if we do we go to the promise land which is heaven. These are not facts at all just my opinion based on how I look at life thus far. What do you think? Have you ever had an experienced that validated any of this?  Thanks for reading!

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PIINK DIIVA was Nominated for the 🥇Sunshine Bloggers Award 🥈Most Versatile Bloggers Award💃🏻



I want to thank TWO of my awesome beautiful followers Marie Simeon and 😍Brownbeauty8 for nominating me!!!  I appreciate every follow who has taken the time to read my posts and share their opinion on life’s matters. 🌏 Below are some bloggers questions from the Sunshine 🌞 Award that I would like to share!!!

1. What is one of your favorite blog post that you have made to date?

One of my favorite blog posts is “Creating A Goal List.” This blog posts has been very inspiring because in life we get so caught up with working and personal obligations we forget about the goals we have set for ourselves. Everyone on earth has goals little or small but often times obstacles get in the way to keep us from obtaining them. I wrote that post to not only keep myself motivated but remind others to not forget their own bucket list!

2. What is a “blogging rule” that you think a blogger shouldn’t break?

A blogger rule that I believe shouldn’t be broken is taking someone else’s work, post and getting credit as your own. It’s alright to get inspired or to write about the same topic, but keep it original. This will keep your true followers loyal.

3. How far do you want to take your blogging? (Tv, journalist, etc.)

I would love to have my own YouTube channel but that is something potentially down the line. 

4. What is your blogging theme/niche? If you have one, why did you pick this theme/niche?

My theme or niche is Glamorous. I love anything that shows beauty, strength…that’s why I use the diamond as my blog theme, they are beautiful and strong.  Diva is someone who is focused and knows what she wants, confidence and PIINK is a feminine color and many of the topics although relatable to men and women, are catered towards my female followers.  I love when guys follow my blog because they can validate some of myself and followers opinions for good debate/discussion.

5. Who is your favorite blogger?

I have too many to name! 

6. Peanut butter or Nutella?

Peanut Butter

7. How long have you had your blog?

I have started PIINK DIIVA years ago but really expanded it to WordPress two months ago. 

8. Who is your targeted audience?

Women of all ages.

9. How many blog posts do you make in a week?

I typically do at least 4-5 a week.

10. Do you think using some vulgarity in your blog is a bad thing?

Not at all! Keep it real.

11. Why do you love blogging?

It’s a way of self expression! 

Thank you for reading and I will have new material soon!

Tips For Safe Online Dating

I wanted to write about something that has been mainstream in human culture for many years now…..ONLINE DATING!  As we all understand, times get rough and with busy lives and working, its hard to just go out and meet people.  After college, typically we are working, or if your a single mother, you have children so your time is limited. That is why online dating has become popular, and a way for singles to meet new people without leaving their home.  Its as simple as downloading an app on your phone. I will say that I have tried online dating before marriage, and although I met some nice guys, I wasn’t a fan of meeting a random person over the internet.  Call it cliche’ but I just like to know what I am getting myself into right when I lay my eyes on you, before you get my phone number.  It does not always work like this…(perfect world right?) Well if you are going to date online and give this a try here are some tips of advice that can help you not waste your time:

1) Be careful when it comes to Free apps such as Tinder or Plenty of Fish – these sites have sex predators who are on there to waste your time, or just try to have a fun night so really screen these matches if you plan on using the free route.

2) Instead of giving out your really phone number, try using a temporary number such as Google Voice or a free Google number where you can give someone until youhave got to know them better and see yourself connecting.  This way if it does not work, you can cancel the Google Voice number and they will not be able to contact you again.  Sounds mean….but it will save you headache in the later.

3) Maybe try meeting at a spot at a certain date and time before exchanging information, this way you can ensure that you like them and want to continue to pursue the friendship/relationship. You can let them know where you will be, and what color you are wearing in a public setting such as a Starbucks or public park setting.

4) Use more pay sites such as Match.com or Christian Mingle so that way if someone is seriously looking for a connection, they are going to be more willing to pay for a true match service based on compatibility etc. It saves time and headache for the folks that are just on there to waste time.

Below are some additional dating tips for single that are using Online match services.  Thank you for reading Enjoy!

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Motivational Quotes to Get You Through Tough Times

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite life quotes and why they are my favorites.  I like to discuss diverse topics on my blog and this topic is about inspiring quotes and the message behind it. Sometimes reading these quotes makes you think, and helps you to relate them to your own life. Let me know if any of these are your favorites or that has helped you in a time of need. Thanks for Reading Enjoy!


Meaning: One of my biggest challenges is that I like to be in control.  Over the past few years as I have got older, I realize 75% of what happens to us in life is out of our control and the only control we do have is how we RESPOND to what happens. In life when you relax and let go of an outcome, you have more peace and its easier to accept what is….and how you will respond to it. When we try to control everything that’s when we end up disappointed.


Have you ever went through something and thought you would never get over it?  I did with past relationships, situations etc.  But as time went on and I let things go, I really did get over it.  One thing is true time heals wounds. You ever look back and when things got better, it was easier to understand why things happened the way it did? It all made sense.


When I speak with older people who have lived a full life, many of them are not concerned with the trivial things of life like someone younger.  They are more concerned with their health and being able to support themselves after retirement. Its funny how if you have a conversation with an older person around 80 years old, they have alot of wisdom and like to share it. Alot of the things we take for granted when we are younger, they cherish those moment because once they are gone, you cant get them back.  Enjoy life! Never take a day for granted, and make sure to LIVE.

Below are some other random quotes that I enjoy:

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Love vs. Lust

I remember before I got married, I though I knew what love was.  Its easy when your younger to think that the first boy you think is cute, talented and funny….he is it!  When your parents say things like “your young, your going to meet many people, give yourself time, don’t take dating too seriously at your age” you really don’t understand what they mean until your older, and have started to learn who you are in a relationship. That girl or guy you meet when your 16 years old seems life the perfect match because there is no responsibility involved. “Love” was easy and it felt good.  Realistically as you get older and realize what Love REALLY is, you realize that it was “puppy love.”  I dont want to say “lust” because I feel like “lust” is discovered when you get older and start exploring your sexuality. Its easy, especially as women to confuse LOVE for LUST.  It takes us “alot of the time” to get our heart broken by that “one” guy” to know it was lust and he doesn’t love us.  Once we go through that heartbreak, we try to be more careful not to fall into “lust” with the wrong guy. 

Being married and in a committed relationship has helped me see the difference between just being in a relationship, and actually LOVING someone.  When you “LOVE” someone for real, you care about their well-being just as much if not more than your own.  You are willing to make sacrifices, or put your personal “wants” aside to assist them on their life’s journey.  There are so many factors involved but LOVE is unselfish.  I look back on previous relationships and I was selfish, if it didn’t benefit me, I was not doing it, or I always had one foot out the door because I wasn’t certain or secure with that person.  This was like the two prior relationships I had in my 20’s.  Now being married, he is my best friend, we talk about everything, and I care about his life just as much as my own.  Its definitely takes time to learn the difference but its so important to do so.  I seen some great information’s below that explains more about this topic…feel free to share your experience, Thanks for Reading!



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Does Your Birthday Determine Your Sex Life?

Good morning! I thought the information was funny and cute at the same time.  Although we know our “sex life” is not that cut and dry based on our birthday, but its interesting to see how researcher put all this together based on when you were born.  LOL Check out the post below and see if this really relates to you.  Thanks for Reading! Let me know if yours was right!


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How To Understand Your Emotions

I wanted to share this post because it is easy to confuse the different emotions we feel day-to-day and understand why we feel them.  Many times we get conflicted feelings when something happens to us or if we are put into a situation where we have to make a tough decision. Decisions can cause us to feel all types of ways for example…..the ones below. The post below is interesting because I never really took the time to read the difference between some of the challenging emotions we may feel below.  As women, we have a tendency to make decisions out of emotion rather than logic at times. This is because we are naturally nurters and caring. When we make decisions out of emotions or say things we dont mean out of emotions, we have a tendecy to regret them later once that emotion has passed.

The feelings below seem negative because usually they are brought on by situations that we don’t necessarily like.  Always listen to your emotions….but never make a decision when your feeling emotional because they can change daily. Take a moment to read below…Enjoy! Thanks for Reading!




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Ways to Stimulate Personal Growth

I felt compelled to share something motivational today! Trust we may not know why God gave us a particular journey, but always trust the answers come to you in the end, and where he is taking you is beautiful! I really enjoyed the post below and found it helpful when trusting your journey! ENJOY! cropped-pink-shiny-diamond-white-table-background-90051662.jpg



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Is History Repeating Itself?

As you know yesterday marked the 50 years since the assassination of the late great Martin Luther King Jr. Did you know that he was only 39 years of age? He was killed fighting for what he believe in which was personal rights. Today many brothers are losing their lives for no good reason. Maybe they were minding their own business, or a young kid walking home with a hooded sweatshirt that deems suspicious poses a threat.  There are many more stories we can discuss,  but the question is when does the senseless killing end.  Why don’t people of all color have rights?


Officers are trained to “shoot to disable” not kill.  One officer stated that they “shoot if kill” if they feel its a threat. If this is true, why are there so many African American victims that were shot when there was no way they can pose a threat such as the LaQuan McDonald case in Chicago, where he was shot 16 times walking away from the police. Does it really take 16 shots?  He didn’t even have a weapon. Do you feel African Americans have personal rights today? Was the King’s death in vein? Is history repeating itself? Thank you for Reading!


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Current Favorites!

Good morning!  Today I wanted to share some of my favorites.  Many of these things are random but its always cool to share interests so others can try them out as well.  My favs wont be in any specific order but definitely take a look and try them out if interested.

Restaurants – I am from Chicago so most of these are in major cities.

Benihana – I am a super fan of Hibachi.  My husband and I have tried many Hibachi restaurants but they “take the cake.”  I typically go with the Benihana Delight which has Fried rice, teriyaki chicken and colossal shrimp. What makes them so good is you get a 5 course meal which includes Miso Soup, Salad with Ginger dressing, shrimp and veggie appetizer, fried rice and your main course. You also get dessert which is your choice of ice cream.  Prices are reasonable about 23-33.00 per meal depending on what main course you order.This is a great family outing or date night place. https://www.benihana.com/


Ruth Chris – This place has the best Lobster Mac and Cheese, and stuffed chicken.  If you are looking for a great place to have a semi-expensive meal or date night, try them.  The stuffed chicken is seasoned perfectly. I usually get asparagus or the creamed spinach as sides. The prices range is about 100.00 or so for two people.  This can make a difference if you order drinks or not.  Its def worth trying out if you haven’t already. https://www.ruthschris.com/


Twin Peaks – This is a new sports bar that has a Hooters type feel.  It has good bar food and drinks, with many TV’s to watch the game.  They also have an outside patio where you can eat outside, or watch the game on TV’s outside during the warmer months ( I am in Chicago, so its cold here lol). It has great lemon pepper wings, and Fish tacos.  They have beer specials and a decent selection of cocktail drinks.  If you have one in your area its worth checking out. https://twinpeaksrestaurant.com/


Zara Clothing – I love this store because they have very unique pieces.  The jeans fit great but can be hit or miss depending on how curvy you are. This is a UK brand so the sizes run smaller than American sizes. Its a very fashionable store if you want to look cute and trendy and have some original pieces in your closet. Price wise when they have a sale, you can get some great deals, but they can run on the pricier side. They cater to men and women ages small kids to maybe about 40 or so. https://www.zara.com/us/


Akira Store – This is my absolute go to store for shopping! This is the “Im a baddie, and wanna hit the club with my girls boutique. The clothes are typically for a women 18-40 ish depending on your style of dress.  They can be pretty pricey but if you catch a sale, your winning! They pretty much follow the latest trends and ship all over the country. https://www.shopakira.com/


Sephora – If you a woman who loves make up, you will have a frenzy in this store, they are the queens of skincare and make up brands. I can go broke in this place. I have to go when I get paid cause if not I will walk out without my coins. They are pricey. Period. If you want to find great products and top of the line brands, this is your store.


Crowds Queue For The Opening Of Sydney's First Sephora Store

Migos – Right now if I am in the turn up mood, I go to the Migos. Their culture II album is pretty good if you don’t mind the lyrics. They do talk about certain subjects that may give you a headache, but honestly I just listen to the beat when I am in a turn-up mood.

https _images.genius.com_895c52591bf983ebe6e8821f23e4642e.999x999x1

H.E.R. – She is the bomb.  She has sultry soulful music that puts you in a laid back trance.  Its easy to ride to in the car, or listen to while getting dressed to go out. She has a soulful vice with a mystery feel.  Its definitely worth a listen if you like fresh R&B.

https _images.genius.com_eed3e5e0e3f7246c40c5aee31132f6ec.1000x1000x1

NetFLIX – I refuse to pay for cable again because to me its such a waste of money. Half of the shows I never watched when we did buy it.  Honestly if you have internet, just having Netflix which has thousands of shows and movies for only 12.00 a month, you can beat it.  I also like HULU which is similar to NetFlix just has more TV shows. So if you looking to save on cable, I would go with NetFlix.  https://www.netflix.com/


Here are a few awesome shows to check out on NetFlix if you decide to buy:

Stranger Things – Season 1 https://www.netflix.com/title/80057281

Seven Seconds – Season 1 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6297682/

Gotham – 5 Seasons https://www.netflix.com/title/80020542

Breaking Bad – Season 1 https://www.netflix.com/title/70143836

Sons of Anarchy 6 Seasons https://www.netflix.com/title/70143844

Walking Dead 7 Seasons https://www.netflix.com/title/70177057

Fellas – If you want a Cologne that smells amazing try these out next time your on a smell good run!

YSL – Saint Laurent canvas.png

Million Cologne 25957.jpg

Jimmy Choo Man s1694884-main-hero.jpg

I will be sharing more items soon!  If you try any of these please let me know your thoughts and if you know of any good stores, restaurants, products etc – please share, thank you for reading!

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