Is Your Child always on their IPAD?

I noticed something the past few years and its quite interesting how the world has evolved so much. I remember as a kid coming home from school, and trying to finish my homework quickly so I could play outside with my friends. I remember having this next door neighbor Xiomara.  We were the same age and would ride bikes, and walk to the candy store together. It was safe and you didn’t hear about as much crime going on  in the suburbs back then. We use to play hopscotch, jump rope, sledding in the winters in my backyard, red light green light and a host of other outside children’s imaginary games. Children born in this generation dont really do these types of activities…..or at least that what it seems.  Most of the children I know cant wait to use their IPAD or Tablet to play games, or watch YOUTUBE. In the schools these days, 5 year old have cell phones where they can play games and call their parents while at school.  In the summer times as a kid we use to play at the park, and couldn’t wait to get outside.  Now it seems like kids are little geniuses that know how to use a laptop and IPHONE better than me lol.

Its not a bad thing because it exposes them to different ways of learning, and to enhance their intelligence with the way the world is going much sooner.  My fear is that as technology grows, children wont know the joy of a traditional non-millennial childhood.  Are children exposed to ways of the world much too soon? Are taking the innocence away by allowing them to depend on these devices to learn and occupy their time? Each parent raises their children different, and it is a  lot of pressure to keep up with the norm, especially raising kids. I think as long as its used in moderation it can be alright for children.  Their time should definitely be broken up to reading books, playing outside, and doing social recreational activities offline.

Its just as important for kids to disconnect as adults.  Thank you for reading!

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10 thoughts on “Is Your Child always on their IPAD?”

  1. It’s really a shame cause everyone from adults to children are so disconnected from reality. I got on a train once and every single person in their was looking down on their phone and didn’t care who sat down next to them. Now back to your point …I really, it definitely important to limit kids and their iPads and divide their time wisely. The sad part is ..,it’s no longer that safe for our kids to even innocently play outside kz the world is now full of sick psycho people

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  2. This is something me and my sister bring up a lot on numerous occasions. I think its sad and troubling. Like you said, it is all well and good for educational purposes or in moderation, but it is absurd how many parents I see just bust out a tablet to keep their kids quiet as they eat, drink or just ignore their children. I was a 90’s kid so I feel like I’m part of that last generation of people that remember what being outside was like. You know the simple stuff like going to your friend’s house after school, taking long walks, rollerblading, etc, and though I also grew up with video games, my parents were very strict about how much I was allowed to play and I’m glad I had those restrictions.

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        1. Oh right I see what you mean now, I didn’t see your latest post and I thought you meant it was on this current one haha. Excuse my slowness, I haven’t been awake for very long. 😛 I’ll get on that asap.

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