The Social Media Experience

Good morning!!!! Happy Monday.  I felt compelled to write about something that has become so main stream and so normal that people are shocked when you do not utilize it. SOCIAL MEDIA.  I will admit, I use to be on there for years, I remember having a Black planet Page, that was the first, then MYSPACE, next Facebook and Now Instagram.  I saw the social media phenomenon over the years take off!  It was exciting cause you can meet people across the country and as it progressed, showcase your life, and stay in touch with friends/family from a distance.  But I must ask, has social media really bought us closer????

You can analyze this in two ways, does it cause you to verbally speak more, or do you find yourself scrolling and taking in every picture and post with envy if it “LOOKS” like they have the perfect life? Does this cause you to want to call them to support, or be nosy and find out whats going on?  The thing about social media is that it can turn into a competition on who can showcase all of their business the most, and whose lives look the best based on pictures, and status updates and shared internet quotes. Don’t get me wrong, its amazing to see everyone doing GREAT, but what I have learned is that people only post what they want you to know!  A picture is only a moment in time.  That picture can be the false smile of a girl that is considering suicide, that happy couples picture can be a mending of a abusive relationship that everyone thinks is the perfect couple. The status update can be from a man or woman who constantly compares their life to what others are doing but has lost reality of themselves.


My point is, remember social media is a fake word.  Its a place where you can show the world either your REAL life or How you WISH your life really was.   You ever wonder why some people delete their accounts?  They probably caught a case of FACEBOOK or Instagram Envy and wanted to divorce themselves from that feeling. It may sound crazy but its real I am pretty sure everyone has experience it once whether it was personal, financial or recreational.  Someone posted something that made you feel a way at some point in time.


I always recommend to take time out to disconnect.  Everyone does not have to know your next move in life.  Some moments are sacred. Special. For you and your family. Don’t let your life get dictated by what the majority is doing, do it because it serves value to yourself and always consider what you post because Trust me once its on the internet it stays forever. Thanks for Reading guys!

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12 thoughts on “The Social Media Experience”

  1. I have a love hate relationship with social media. I think over time it can be damaging to our self esteem. I aslso take everything with s grain of salt because who knows what’s real or orchestrated.

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  2. I only use Instagram and Twitter solely because it limits my contact with people that I know personally. I have a major problem with receiving my news from social media, where people serve it up saturated with opinions.

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  3. I recently deleted all my social media this past February, and let me just tell you this detox is doing wonders! I did invest a lot of time in my social media, and sometimes I do feel disconnected with the world by not having an account. But not having any social media has helped me connect with the world in other ways and it makes you realize that there is so much more to life than what’s behind the screen. I mean wouldn’t you rather want to experience a walk on the beach instead of looking at a picture of it! I related to this post on a whole different level! 🙂

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  4. I’m always a little torn when I hear people say that social media is fake, or that people only show you want they want you to know. I tend to think that people do that in face-to-face life too. You only really know what someone else wants you to know. Many women live broken lives, come to work and show their “good face” and go home to traumatic events; a lot of men pretend to be something they’re not in person and go home to live in their mom’s basement. I guess I’m just saying social media seems to be more of a reflection of who you are in real life, sometimes.

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    1. Thank you! Yes that’s very true. Especially at work, everyone has a mask or wants what the next woman has but don’t realize what they are going through or went through to get it. Yes men will fake you any chance they get if you don’t stay ten steps ahead lol. Thank you for sharing, very true!

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