Happy Women’s Day!

Hey Beauties!  I am so excited! Today is a day to celebrate US.  We do so much especially us new millennial women. We wear so many hats, both by choice, and by default.  We cook, clean, educated, we work full-time, are caregivers, Wives, Mothers and Bosses.  Its both tiring but yet rewarding. Lets enjoy being Women. Make sure to never forget to pamper yourself, take time out for YOU. Consider doing some of the following in your free time:

-Do your make up, plan a girls trip, go to the spa, get your hair done, have a glass of wine, get a massage, read a good book, start a goal journal, volunteer for a charity, treat yourself to a great dinner, buy yourself something new!

In honor of women’s day I want to share a few of my favorite make up items purchased in the past month below:

Too Faced Chocolate Gold Eye shadow Palette – the metallic colors are gorgeous and great for a night out or everyday wear. Sephora Liquid Lipsticks – they are so pigmented, feel light weight on the lips and a have all sort of amazing colors!  Please if your looking for new make up worth while check these items out!


689289346_c3bc3b0d-b144-41e0-b2dc-cb63e1925f39  pink-shiny-diamond-white-table-background-90051662

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