About Me Piink Diiva

Hello and Welcome! My name is Nikki…I am writer, blogger and influencer. I Enjoy bringing people together by provoking topic and discussion.  As a writer, I love connecting and bring to light some of the easiest and toughest topics that we endure as humans. I find we are so different and see the world individually, thus makes for good exploration of discussion. In this blog you will find all types of posts from serious to funny, informative to heartbreaking.  I have provided topics that can attract all readers so please take time and see what interests you.  This blog is for entertainment purposes and feedback is welcomed.

I am from Illinois born and raised. I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, and trying new things.  My favorite foods are shrimp and pasta.  I love learning new things through research and being creative.  Writing is my creative outlook and I hope to share some of my thoughts with you all.  Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “About Me Piink Diiva”

  1. Hey there! I really enjoy your blog posts and the little bits that make your blog unique to other so I decided to nominate you for the Liebster Award! I’m not sure if you’ve previously been nominated but even if you have or haven’t you deserve to be recognized! Here’s a link to my page to help you get started with the acceptance:) Happy blogging!



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